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Kids in Art Class

1-1 Art Lessons

Our Art Lessons is not just geared for children, it's open to all ages & all levels from Beginners - Advanced is available!

Here on Premium House Tutor, we provide a pool of Art & Crafts coaches that can teach various forms of art from Drawing, Painting, and much more! You can learn it for school or even just for leisure! Get in touch with us now!

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What kind of Art Lessons we offer?


Clay Modeling


and many more...


Drawing enables your emphasises on some hand coordination which is vital in sports and recreational situations. When you draw certain items, especially in relationship to each other, it will assist you in performing basic visual analysis of everyday objects & spaces.

Girl Drawing
Clay Modeling

Teachers who teaches clay may teach you these few methods: 

PINCH – Use your fingers to pinch and poke a single clump of clay into any form. 

SLAB – Roll the clay into flat sheets (like a pie crust) to pull apart and assemble.

COIL – Roll out long rolls of clay and twist them into coils and shapes.

WHEEL – Spin clay on a potter’s wheel to form plates, mugs

Wheel Throwing

Painting could do more than just improving your cognitive growth, it could also improve your emotional growth. 

You could learn:

  • Acrylic Painting

  • Oil Painting

  • Watercolor painting. 


4 Benefits of Learning Art!


When you go for Art classes, it enables you to have a wider Creativity flow. The need to develop a creative mind is crucial especially since most issues/challenges we face such as global warming, societal issues, and many more. People, government and even big companies require you to have creative solutions each day on how to tackle these issues. 


Unlike academic subjects in school that simply involves just writing, in Art, students are given the liberty to use the paintbrush, mixing colours and even create and Origami art. All these tasks ensures your hands coordination are always moving and making it fun for them that they wish to do it over and over again. 


Allowing an hour of Art lesson makes it a safe space for you to release his emotions.  They are able to create something based on how they feel and often times, Art can be a coping mechanism to some people to get them through their problems or negative emotions they're feeling.


Going through art lessons makes you aware that creating art is a journey, it's a process. it's not like a simple math calculation. Making art is a process. It will build your character and manage what to expect at the end result of their artwork. You will be critically aware that a great piece of art require some time and not a 10-15 mins quick fix. With such, it will help you to build their perseverance in reaching the end goal. 


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Art Lessons

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