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Looking for a private english Tutor In Singapore?

Here at Premium Tutors, our qualified private English tutors are equipped with the right teaching skills to ensure your child excels in their primary, secondary and JC national examinations. Our English home tuition lessons are specifically tailored to your needs and are available anywhere in Singapore.


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Why choose Premium Tutors? 

Secondary English Tuition
Secondary English Tuition Singapore

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Pay only per lesson!
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With no minimum commitment period, you pay for your English home tuition per lesson at affordable rates. 

Your private English tutor will travel down to your residence in Singapore or connect with you via video conference call if you opt for online English tuition lessons.

Singapore English Tuition

Access to more than 10,000 experienced tutors

We have tutors ranging from undergraduates to skilled MOE school teachers. 

English Home Tuition

All levels available!

Our tutors are experienced and offer English home tuition in Singapore for a range of levels –  primary, secondary, JC and even tertiary.

Find the best English tutor in less than 24 hours!

Regardless of if you are after primary, secondary, JC or even tertiary level English tuition, we are committed to assisting you in your search for the best private English tutor in Singapore. In just 3 simple steps, you can find an experienced English tutor in less than 24 hours.


Interested in English home tuition in Singapore? Request for a tutor by calling us, dropping us a Whatsapp at 81256253 or by filling up the tutor request form below!


You would not have to worry about the overwhelming process of searching for a private English tutor in Singapore. Simply let us know your needs and preferences, and we will provide you a set of suitable tutors to guide you in your learning. Select your desired tutor from the suggested pool of premium tutors with outstanding track records.


Schedule your first lesson based on the instructor's and your availability. Thereafter, you can commence your private English home tuition sessions with your tutor!

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English Tuition in Singapore

In Singapore, most school lessons are conducted fully in English. Having a strong foundation in English is imperative as it directly has an impact on one’s understanding of other subjects. Generally, students who are weaker in English may find it challenge to perform at their best in other subjects.

Achieving at least a pass in English is also a determinant of whether a student advances to secondary school. Having excellent grades for English is vital for university applications and even visa applications. Thus, it is of paramount importance that students receive top notch English home tuition in Singapore to help them unlock their fullest potential. 

With our database of over 5000+ active tutors, we are confident that we will be able to help you find the most suitable private English tutor in Singapore for your learning needs and budget. 

Engaging Lessons

Primary English Tuition Singapore

Even if each child is exposed to English on a regular basis, it is possible that this is insufficient in terms of academics. What most parents do not realise is that the phrases they use daily are rather simple and are unlikely to challenge their children.


Furthermore, because of our bilingual talents, we frequently translate sentences directly from other languages or dialects. This may result in the child picking up poor sentence structure and grammar from those around them.

A private English tutor can not only teach your child precise grammar rules, but also develop their passion in the subject and push their limits.

Tailored Learning

Besides learning how to spell and form coherent sentences, learning to read and pronounce words can be challenging at times. Phonics is essential as it serves as a bridge to teach children how to ready by forming links between a sound and the letters of the alphabet.

Pronunciation may become a challenge as your child progresses in their education since the sound-spelling relationship in English is not as straightforward as in other languages. 

Allow Premium Tutors to assist you in finding the best private English tutor in Singapore for your child to help them excel in school. We are committed to assisting you in your search for English home tuition in Singapore to guarantee your child gets the best education possible; whether they are in Primary School, Secondary School, Junior College, Polytechnic, University, or have an English language test to take.

Primary English Tutor
Primary English Tutor Singapore

Why choose premium tutors for english tuition?


Pay only per lesson, at affordable rates with no minimum commitment periods.

More than 10,000 Tutors available who are able to deliver practical and engaging lessons either at your residence or online.


All topics and levels are available, ranging from Kindergarten, PSLE, O Levels, A Levels, IB/IGCSE, TOFEL and IELTS. Our qualified tutors ensure that you will be able to receive the help you need!​

Choose to focus on specific areas such as phonics, creative writing, grammer or oral communication.

Advantages of english home tuition 


Customised & Personalised Lessons