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  • Exceptional tutors who love and enjoy teaching English Language

  • Hands-on assistance with English examinations

  • Home-based tuition and guidance

  • Syllabus-compliant tutoring in English

  • Fresh ideas and tips for taking-on English exams

  • Instant access to professional help so your child can excel in English


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Affordable Primary School Tuition Rates for Every Child

The expert help your child needs to succeed with Primary school tuition in Singapore

SmileTutor's singular focus is to help your child scale through their primary school studies with ease at reasonable primary school tution rates.


Super Tutors

That is the #1 reason we've carefully selected an exemplary team of primary school tutors who know exactly how to give your child the early study advantage they need to outshine their peers.

Looking for Primary School tutors? Let smilTutor help you find a top-quality primary school tutor Singapore who is the right fit for your child. We'll go the extra mile to see that your child gets the very best home tution for primary school ad provide valueable resources such as free test paper - so they can perform at the optimum level required to set the pace for a bright future.

Don't delay the process. Get in touch now and we would equip your child with the right knowledge and training that need to excel.


Primary Attention

Building a good understanding of the core subjects through effective Primary English Tuition. Primary Maths Tuition, Primary Science Tuition, and Primary Chinese Tuition can go a long way in determining whether a child's educational journey is going to be long and arduous or fun and fulfilling.

SmileTutor's top-class and efficent primary school teachers in Singapore and ready to break through your child's study hurdies so they can enjoy and get the best out of their primary school educaion. Our tutors are passionate and committed to offering individualized support and guidance to your child.

There is no better time to set your child up for a successful future. Get the private support your child needs to outperform themselves!

Is your child finding it hard to cope in Primary School?

Challenges Faced

Singapore in known for its demanding and rigorous education system, consistently ranking among the top three countries in the world in the various global education surveys. Education in SIngapore starts at atender age of 6, when compulsory primary school education begins.

Primary school is where most kids in Singapore get their first taste of the 12-year long education journey, and where the foundation of their learning habits is formed. It is also where they begin to struggle with so many new rules, teaching styles and study requirements that they are not used to, evantually culminating in the PSLE exams.

Our Solution

Private English tuition can help your child in Special ways.


Help with specific learning needs:

Primary School home tutors can assist students with specific learning needs to develop the full potential of the student.


Extra push to fulfill study potential:

Students benefit from extra lessons and support from Primary home tutors that tip the scale of success in student's favor.


Professional help for an under performing child:

A good Primary private tutor is able to help a student that may be performing less than their ability - due to a lack of self-confidence.


Study partner to help learn faster and better:

A private tutor is able to work with a student, pointing out agreeable reasons why they need to work hard and succeed.


Detailed diagnostic assessment:

Experienced tutors start the tutoring process by conducting detailed assessment of a child's learning abilities and weaknesses.


A 'praise and reward' system for boosting performance:

Private tutors know that when a student gets an incentive for a jo well done, it boosts their confidence and inspires them to giv even more to their studies. Find out our Primary School private tutor rates below.