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Looking for a Chinese Language Tutor?

Have your pick from more than 5000 experienced and accredited
tutors from Singapore. Our tutors are effectively bilingual and have 
a wealth of experience tutoring students online.

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Why choose language tutors from Premium Tutors?

  • Gain access to language tutors from the comfort of your own homes

  • Pay only per lesson, at affordable rates.

  • More than 5,000 Tutors available to deliver 1 to 1 lessons customized to you

  • Use your preferred learning platform (such as Skype, Zoom, Whatsapp, Google Handouts)

  • Tutors are trained and proficient in delivering lessons online

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Tutors from Premium House Tutors can customise lessons according to your goals and interests, so you can learn what you want, wherever and whenever you prefer.

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Professional Tutors

In our pool of more than 5000 tutors for Chinese, we have native speakers to certified tutors (think HSK, TOCFL, ZHC... etc) who can assist you in picking up a new and enduring skill. It doesn't matter if you are learning Chinese for interest or work-related purposes, our tutors can customize the lessons to suit your needs.

You don't have to be worried about communication issues as our tutors are fluent in multiple languages. Our tutors are effectively bilingual and will be able to deliver lessons in English for beginners.

Should you require a language specialist for specific tests such as the HSK exam, our pool of tutors will also be able to guide you accordingly.

Let us support you in your journey to learn Mandarin. Contact us now by sending us an enquiry today!

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International Exposure

As a multiracial and multicultural city state, Singapore based tutors are culturally aware and well-acquainted with navigating cultural nuances. Lessons with our tutors can help you foster new perspectives and connect with fascinating people from around the globe.

Immerse yourself in a new culture and improve your cross-cultural competency by working with our myriad of Chinese tutors. We offer Chinese tutors focused on helping children learn beginner Chinese, Conversational Mandarin specialists, Tutors that can help with learning Chinese writing and Chinese for Business/Work purposes.

Approach us with your requirements today and let us match you up with a tutor that can boost your learning of the language. Drop us an email or Whatsapp today!

Why have Chinese lessons with Singapore based tutors?

Chinese lessons with Premium House Tutors

As a bridge between East and West, Singapore's unique position and world class education system has cultivated many individuals with bilingual fluency. With online language tutoring going mainstream, our tutors are also equipped with the requisite knowledge, skills and technology to be able to conduct online tuition lessons.

Online Chinese tuition lessons can help you improve your language skills more efficiently, and can also help you have a form of social interaction even at home.

Premium House Tutor's Online Chinese Lessons

Advantages of Chinese Lessons with Singapore based Tutors


Excellent Communicators and Facilitators

Our tutors are bilingual or multi-lingual and are able to explain lessons in multiple languages.


Passionate Tutors

Our tutors are eager to help you improve in the language for work or social purposes, or just as an additional skill.


Spend more time on things that matter

Reduce time spent on travelling and have lessons according to your schedule



Our tutors have experience conducting online lessons on your preferred platform


Proven Track Record

With more than 500 satisfied monthly clients, we are able to send you the best tutors with good reviews.



We conduct checks on our tutor's experience and qualifications so that we can ensure your tutor has the requisite experience and qualifications.

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