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Choose from more than 5000 experienced and qualified teachers from Singapore with Proven Track Records. Our Tutors can help you
excel in your iGCSE, IB, CIE, SAT & HSK Exams.

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Why Premium Tutors Online?

  • Gain access to quality tutors from the comfort of your own homes

  • Pay only per lesson, at affordable rates.

  • More than 5,000 Tutors available to deliver high quality lessons customised to you

  • Use your preferred learning platform (such as Skype, Zoom, Whatsapp, Google Handouts)

  • Tutors are trained and proficient in delivering lessons online

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Help your child succeed with Online Tuition in Singapore

Premium Tutor's Online Tuition service provides your child with personalised help that can be accessed from the comfort of your own home, Save on travel time and help your child excel in their studies at reasonable rates.

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Greater Choice

Online tuition allows you more choice of tutors as there is no need to be limited to the tutors that are geographically around you. Tap on our large pool of highly educated and experienced tutors we have in Singapore. Our Singapore-based tutors are fluent in multiple languages, ensuring your lessons will go smoothly.

No matter what type of assessments you are taking (.e.g iGCSE, IB,  CIE, SAT, GRE, LSAT, MCAT), we can help find a suitable tutor. If you require a language specialist for tests such as Goethe-Institut German Test, Chinese HSK, CEFR Test, iELTS, TOEIC, ToEFL English test...., our pool of tutors will definitely be able to fulfill your requirements.

Our aim is to ensure that your child receives the quality support they need. Let us know your requirement by sending us an enquiry today!

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Online tuition gives you the flexiblity your child needs to excel. As online tuition requires only two people to be online at the same time, this is much easier to arrange compared to a physical lesson.

Furthermore, online tuition allows you to have the choice to decide on the length of each lesson and the number of lessons per week. Lessons can also be arranged at short notice, allowing for quick revision lessons before exams.

By cutting the need to travel for tuition lessons. You can now decide where and when you prefer to study. Spend half the effort to achieve the same result!

In addition to the usual subjects (.e.g. English, Maths, Chinese, Biology, Chemistry, Physics, History, Geography, Art), we also offer online tutors for subjects such as Film Studies, Psychology, Accounting, Sports Science, Music, Law, Design & Technology, Food Studies and so on.  Drop us an email or a text today! 

Why have online lessons with our tutors?

Online Lessons with Premium House Tutors

Singapore's education system is internationally well-known, always leading the way in various world rankings and indices such as PISA. As a highly diverse metropolitan city state, Singapore-based tutors are internationally mobile and hence have the opportunity to be exposed to various testing systems and excel in them. Having them as tutors means their experience can then be passed on to you, helping you open doors to better opportunities, be it in your home country or internationally.

No more feeling cold and distant staring at a screen. Our tutors are well versed and familiar with one of the most technologically advanced IT infrastructures in the world, and are well-trained to deliver high quality online lessons. Your experience will feel like our tutors are just right beside you!

Premium House Tutor's Online Lessons

Advantages of Online Tuition with Singapore based Tutors


Strong Cross Cultural Understanding

Our Tutors have worked with students from many different countries and cultural backgrounds


Excellent Communicators and Facilitators

Most Singapore based tutors are either bilingual or multi-lingual and are able to explain


High Quality Lessons at Affordable Rates

Our tutors range from undergraduates to current school teachers, ensuring you can find the right tutor for your budget.


Spend more time on things that matter

Save time on travelling and have lessons according to your schedule


Proven Track Record

With over 500 satisfied monthly clients, we are able to sieve out and send you tutors who have received good reviews


 Credentials Verified

As an agency, we conduct checks on the tutor’s background to ensure that your tutor has the requisite experience and qualification.

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