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This is specially for our HouseTutor tutors. We want to help you to secure on getting an assignment! 

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BEFORE YOU FILL UP: If you have registered on HouseTutor, do update your profile there first accordingly before giving us your HouseTutor Code and more info here!

1a) Personal Information
2) Uploading of relevant documents

(Optional) Do upload:

1. Your relevant certificates for verification - Please compile your certs in 1 PDF file


2 a. A profile picture (in JPG/PNG format)


b. A resume (in PDF/.doc format)


c. A short 1 min introductory video of yourself as a tutor (in mov/wmv/flv/avi format)

*Do note that uploading of these relevant documents are optional. 

Part 1) Your certs will not be sent/shared with anyone and it is only for verification purposes. 

Part 2a, 2b & 2c) This additional profile picture/video will be automatically sent to the client & this will differentiate your profile with the rest, which will increase your success rate of securing an assignment!

1) Relevant Certificates


2a) Profile Picture
2b) Resume
2c) Video




Have you taken up an assignment from us before?

*Do note that you are not allowed to insert your contact number in any documents you've submitted or you will be blacklisted. 


You may register as a tutor on our housetutor platform here at, if you do not wish to register on our HouseTutor platform, you may register directly for the enhanced tutor scheme via this link instead:


For those who have registered on our HouseTutor, all you need to do to be eligible for this scheme is to edit your biography on the HouseTutor platform according to the format below.

Click here to view a sample Tutor profile for reference!

Afterwards, simply fill up this form and attach your relevant

1) qualifications AND

2a) resume or

2b) profile picture or

2c) introductory video

to greatly enhance your chance at securing assignments!

Why You Should Apply for this Enhanced Tutor Profile:

  • It’s easier and shorter when you apply for assignments in the future. 

  • By uploading a profile picture/resume/introductory video, these documents will be sent over to the relevant clients/parents which will drastically increase your chances of securing the assignment!

  • If you upload your certificates, we will also indicate that it has been verified by us in your Enhanced Tutor profile. This will help to increase your chances of securing assignments as well!

*For our soft launch, this scheme is only available for tutors who have already taken an assignment from us before. Rest assured that we will not share your certificates to our clients/parents as this is purely for verification purposes only. 


What Happens after I Sign Up?

  • You will receive a confirmation text from us via Whatsapp and a special assignment application link for assignments once your profile is approved.


Thank you!