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Let Wixi Tuition Centre guide you to
an A for exams!

Improve by 2 to 3 grades within 3 months!

Face-To-Face Individual and Online Classes Available

Improve your performance in school with Wixi 

Presentation in Class

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About Wixi Tuition Centre

Wixi provides high quality tuition service for students for Preschool, Primary & Secondary English level. The centre specialises in providing quality English lessons mainly for Preschool, Primary & Secondary Level in Singapore.


In Singapore, we are known to be extremely competitive in education and parents always wants what's best for their children. At Wixi, the centre is always keeping up to date with the syllabus and teaching style. Teaching methods and materials are well tailored and predominantly based on questions from examinations and school tests, hence students’ minds are being exposed to a variety of challenging questions to be updated with every school standard of these subjects. Teaching materials are proven to have been able to help over 90% of our students to achieve distinction for their exams and Singapore’s national exams, with several students even topping their class or school cohort.

Why Wixi Tuition?

Learn with Experienced Teachers
  • One of the Top Tutors for English & Literature
  • Tutors has distinctions for O Levels

  • NTU & NUS Graduates

  • Tutors are part time writers for Straits Times

Guaranteed Improvement
  • Many students have been benefit from Wix tuition

  • Students has shown a huge difference in improvements. 

Solid Teaching Background
  • Have taught students from various local pre schools and primary schools.

  • Have taught students from both local and international schools.

Online Lessons Available
  • Premium standard of online tuition virtually amidst this pandemic is available as well. 

  • Differenciated learning and every student will be take care of

Small Group

Small group of tuition is available via Zoom or Google Meets to facilitate effective learning. 


You are able to choose between a 1hr 30 mins class or a 2 hour class, once or twice per week!

Online Lessons

Online Tuition has been the norm and it is as highly effective as face-to-face and convenient too!


  • English

  • Phonics

^ For any level

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Score an A within months!

Improve Grades

Proven Track Record

Available Islandwide

Achieve 2-3 grade improvements within 3 months

Has taught students from various schools & institutions.

Private Lessons, available islandwide, or Online.

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