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Score an A today in Finance, Accounting, Statistics & Business with Singapore's Top Rated Ex-School Teacher! 

  • Get assignment consultation from highly experienced Ex School Teacher with 11+ years of teaching experience 

  • Director of Singapore's #1 Leading Tuition Agency

  • Positively reviewed by over 50+ students/clients!

Grasp concepts & understand how to tackle questions within weeks! 

We have helped students from:

SUSS, SIMGE, KAPLAN, NUS, NTU, University of Melbourne, University of Dublin,

University of Birmingham and more!

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Meet our Tutor, Mr Bryan

Mr Bryan Tay is an Ex-School Teacher, Founder & Director of Premium Tutors that provides high quality tuition service for students. He has a teaching experience of 11+ years & highly specialises in tutoring Business, Economics, Accounting, Finance and Stats modules for various levels O/A/IB/IGCSE and Tertiary. He has his own comprehensive learning & teaching materials such as model essays, past year papers & notes. 

For IB/IGCSE/O/A Levels:

Taught more than 100 students from various junior colleges (including HCJC, RJC students) and international schools in Singapore (UWC, GIIS, Dulwich, ACS and Hwa Chong International) and from overseas as well as private candidates.


Students have improved by 2 to 3 grades within months. More than 80% of students are able to achieve an A within 6 months of tutoring.


Lesson style is to break down content into a topical approach, then focus on helping students master examination and answering techniques.

For Tertiary Level:

Taught students from various institutions from Diploma to Masters level, such as NUS, SUSS, SIM, Kaplan, UCD, NTU, UOL, University of Melbourne, Essex, Sydney, UNSW & Various Polytechnics.


Assisted students analyze requirements for assignments, prepare for examinations within a short amount of time, and break down module content so it's more easily understandable as well as go through examination and tutorial questions.

Students were able to improve and achieve an A or B within weeks of lessons

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Grasp concepts & understand how to tackle questions within weeks!

  • Our tutor will cover your questions and explain how to solve them in a step by step, easy to understand manner.

  • Obtain step by step explanations & guidance on how to tackle assignments and past year exam papers with worked solutions.

Why Bryan's Tuition?

Learn with Top Tutor
  • Director of Singapore's Leading Tuition Agency, Premium Tutors
  • Ex School Teacher teaching Economics at an International School
  • 8 Distinctions for O Levels

  • GPA 3.83/4.00 for Diploma in Banking and Finance

  • Degree with Merit in Economics (NUS)

  • ACCA Certification in Progress

Proven Track Record
  • 90% of students have improved by at least 2 to 3 grades and at least 70% of students yearly are able to achieve an A for Final examinations.

  • Lessons are kept engaging with reference to real life examples and application of concepts.

  • Many students have left behind testimonials of their improvements under my tutoring.

Mastering Answering Techniques
Solid Teaching Background
  • Taught more than 100 students

  • 11+ years of teaching experience

  • Have taught students from various local JCs (HCJC, RJC, NYJC, VJC, JJC, SJI and more)

  • Have taught students from both local and international schools for IB & IGCSE syllabus (familiar with HL & SL syllabus, IAs)

Topical Approach
  • Lesson style is catered to individual students based on their strengths and weaknesses. Understanding of concepts and topics will be ensured first and delivered in a topical approach, followed by mastery of examination and essay writing techniques.

Latest Materials Available
  • Learn how to write essays and structure your points to score maximum marks using Mr Bryan’s customized TERL writing technique and sample essays.

  • Learn how to dissect case studies through spotting key words and phrases to improve your answers.

  • Master graph drawing and learn how to explain your diagrams concisely.

  • Lessons will be aligned with the latest IB/A Levels/IGCSE syllabus with relevant materials provided such as summarized notes, sample essays, past year papers and more!

  • Latest materials from many tertiary level institutions, tutorial answers, notes & additional questions will be provided if a student requires more practice. 


You are able to choose between a 1hr 30 mins class or a 2 hour class, once or twice per week!


  • Economics, Statistics

  • Accounting, Finance

  • Business & Management

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Rates (PER HOUR)

*1-1 home tuition rates also available, subject to availability



IGCSE/O Levels




from $50/hour

from $55/hour

from $60/hour

from $65/hour

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