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Why Premium Tutors Online?

  • Students can learn anytime, anywhere

  • Pay only per lesson, at affordable rates.

  • More than 10,000 Tutors available who are able to deliver high quality, customised online lessons

  • We recommend the usage of popular, easy to use platforms so the focus of the lessons can be on learning.

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Rates for Online Tuition

Help your child succeed with Online Tuition in Singapore

Premium Tutor's Online Tuition service provides your child with personalised help that can be accessed from the comfort of your own home, Save on travel time and help your child excel in their studies at reasonable rates.

Engaging Lessons

Online Tuition does not have to be mundane and boring. We have an exemplary team of tutors who have the experience, teaching and communication skills to ensure that they deliver engaging yet effective lessons to support your child's learning.

Looking for Online Tutors? Let Premium Tutors help you find a top-quality tutor in Singapore can assist your child to excel in school, no matter whether they are in Primary School, Secondary School, Junior College, Polytechnic or University. We'll go the extra mile to see that your child gets the very best online tuition experience to support their learning - so they can exhibit their maximum potential for a bright future.

Get in touch with us now so that we can provide your child with the right support and knowledge for your child to excel.

Tailored Learning

One to one lessons can now be flexible and convenient with our Online Tuition. Your child can now learn from home or from anywhere they are located. Learning does not have to be affected by long traveling time and other non-academic commitments. 

English, Mathematics, Chinese, Tamil, Malay, Science, Mother Tongue, Geography, History, Literature, Social Studies... you name it. Premium Tutors Online Tutors can work with your child to supplement their learning and realise their full potential. With lessons tailored to your child's pace of learning, you can be assured that your child can outdo themselves. 

Give your child's future a boost today! Contact us with details so that Premium Tutors can assist you with getting the help your child needs.

Why have lessons online?

Online vs Offline Lessons

The predominant form of tutoring in Singapore has always been 1 to 1 private tuition (at student's home) and tuition centres. However, with the progression of technology and the advent and improvements of many video conferencing softwares and "online classrooms". Online Tuition is quickly becoming a popular alternative to the traditional model.

Most students are also now increasingly comfortable with learning through a digital device. Children are exposed to e-learning and the use of technology in classrooms from as young as primary one. Furthermore, tutors are also increasingly exploring teaching online for the added convenience and flexibility it provides both parties.

Premium House Tutor's Online Lessons

Advantages of Online Tuition

More Affordable Rates

Tutors often charge $5 - $10/hour lower than offline tuition for the same level and subject.

Greater Convenience and Flexibility

Lessons can be held anywhere (with a good internet connection), anytime. The minimum duration for online lessons is also shorter (at one hour) as tutors do not need to travel for lessons.

Save time on travelling

Eliminate the time needed to travel to tuition centers or to tutor's home

More interaction and engagement

Many children respond better to online lessons, where tutors can also incorporate interactive activities online

Tech-savvy tutors

We have a large number of tutors who are experienced in delivering high quality lessons online

Peace of mind regarding children's safety

With online tuition, parents do not need to worry about their children's well-being if their children are left alone at home. Hence, parents will be able to schedule the tutoring lessons with greater ease as well.



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