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Terms & Conditions 

Section I: General Terms

1. Website Terms and Conditions

Your use of the Premium Tutors website (, which is owned by Premium House Tutor Pte Ltd (hereafter referred to as "Premium Tutors," "we," or "us"), is governed by these Website Standard Terms and Conditions, or "Terms." You acknowledge and agree to be bound by all of the terms and conditions listed on this website. You are not permitted to use this website if you disagree with any portion of these Terms.


Kindly carefully read these terms and conditions. You must accept and abide by these Terms in order to utilize our tuition services and gain access to them. Anybody who visits, uses, or accesses this website is subject to these Terms. You confirm that you are at least eighteen (18) years old by using the site as a visitor, viewer, or registered member. If you are less than eighteen (18), you have your parents' consent to accept these Terms and use the tuition services.


2. Description of Website Services Offered

With the help of our services, parents and kids can make a variety of arrangements with tutors and coaches, such as online tutoring, group tutoring, private home tuition, enrichment classes, tuition in public spaces, and homework help.


All users of the Services offered under these Terms are regarded as visitors to our site, regardless of whether they have registered. A person becomes a "member" of Premium Tutors upon registering for these services, either by creating an account or by requesting a tutor. A member can be either a "Tutor" or a "Client," with the former being a person who uses Premium Tutors to engage a tutor, and the latter being an individual who has registered on the website to offer tutoring or enrichment services.

Users and subscribers agree that Premium Tutors is the exclusive owner of the services offered through our website. We reserve the right to add new services or change already-existing material and offerings. Unless otherwise noted, these Terms will be applicable to any new, updated, changed, or revised Services. Premium Tutors retains the authority to stop providing any of the above listed Services. You acknowledge that Premium Tutors won't be held responsible for any modifications to or cancellations of our services and goods. You must cease using the Services right away if you disagree with the amended or modified Terms. 


3. Registration, Member Account, Security, Username, and Password

You must be in good standing and not have been disqualified from using our services in the past in order to register and become a "member" of the website.


Depending on client preferences, Premium Tutors may gather details about you during registration, including your name, date of birth, gender, place of employment, and personal interests.


You are the only one with permission to use the account that you create. You are in charge of all activity that takes place under your account and for keeping your password private. In the event that your password or account is used without authorization, or if there is any other security breach, you must tell Premium Tutors right away. Notify us right away if you believe someone has entered your account without permission. You agree that Premium Tutors will not be responsible for any loss or damage resulting from your violation of these conditions.


4. Limitation of Liability and Indemnification

Premium Tutors aims to ensure the accuracy of all website information but cannot guarantee it due to reliance on user submissions. Errors could happen, and information could change at any time. Although we work hard to keep our website virus-free, we cannot guarantee it. It is the users' responsibility to carry out their own virus scans.


When using the website or its contents, users agree that Premium Tutors and its staff, affiliates, and representatives are not responsible for any losses or damages. This covers incidental or indirect damages like lost income, earnings, business, opportunity, or data.


As we work hard to find the best possible fit between tutors and students. If a dispute arises, Premium Tutors will intervene to settle it if needed, but they won't be held accountable for the deeds of either side. Premium Tutors are not legally responsible for any problems or disagreements that may occur. Unless required by law, we maintain the right to withhold information, terminate services, and limit access to any party.


Although we offer connections to other websites, we do not support or take liability for their privacy policies or content. The content on this website is not intended to be advice, and visitors should obtain independent confirmation.


Requests for racial or gender preferences in marketing materials or employment offers are the result of tutor or client preferences, not our company’s policy. We encourage clients and tutors to adopt fair practices and avoid discriminatory preferences. Users undertake to defend and keep Premium Tutors and its affiliates harmless against all claims, damages, losses, and expenses resulting from their use of the website or its services, postings made on it, or from their breaking these terms or the law. In certain situations, Premium Tutors may provide the only defense, therefore customers must comply.

Section II: For Clients

1. About Payment and Commission

At Premium Tutors, our matching services are free for clients, as commission fees are charged to the tutor. After completing 2 weeks of lessons (or as specified in the Confirmation Invoice), clients must pay for 2 weeks of lesson fees (or the advised amount) directly to Premium Tutors. Accepted payment methods include PayNow (Preferred), PayLah, Bank Transfer or Cheque. This payment covers the commission that is levied on the tutor. No payment needs to be made to the tutor for the lessons covered under the commission amount.

Subsequent payments should be made directly to the tutors using a method and frequency agreed upon by the client and tutor. Direct payments to tutors do not include any additional charges. If there are any additional tuition services, such as adding a subject or teaching a sibling, these must be disclosed to Premium Tutors and will also incur a commission fee charged to the tutor.

For very short-term assignments (4 or fewer lessons), clients may choose to cover the commission on behalf of the tutor to increase the chances of finding a suitable match. Any attempts to avoid paying the commission due to Premium Tutors are illegal. Our company strictly does not tolerate such fraudulent and unethical actions. A police report will be filed if necessary, and civil actions will be taken to recover the lost monies from fraudulent actions.

2. Cancellation of Lessons

After the first lesson, clients have the option to seek a new tutor at any time if they are uncomfortable or unsatisfied with their current tutor within the first four weeks of the program. There are no additional costs; the client only needs to pay for the classes that have been taught up to that time. In general, we advise a one-month commitment time to assess the student's suitability for the tuition services.

In the event that a student cancels their tuition services before finishing four complete weeks of lessons, Premium Tutors will split 50% of the total lessons fees with the tutor. With regards to the tutor’s fees, clients can choose to pay the tutor directly or ask Premium Tutors to make the payment on their behalf when it comes to the tutor's fees. We acknowledge that last-minute emergencies might cause cancellations; however, each case will be considered separately.

In the extremely unlikely occasion that a tutor quits the tuition assignment for any reason—personal, mismatched, medical, etc.—payment for the lessons the tutor has already delivered is typically still owing. Nonetheless, Premium Tutors will evaluate each of these circumstances individually to decide whether full payment for the lessons delivered is required. By agreeing to these terms and conditions, you consent to follow Premium Tutors' ultimate judgments about these issues.

Customers must provide Premium Tutors or the tutor at least 12 hours notice if they need to postpone or cancel the first lesson. Clients agree to reimburse Premium Tutors for their services, as well as the tutor's time and transportation expenses, by paying 50% of the first lesson fees if this requirement is not fulfilled. The tutor and Premium Tutors will split this sum equally. We acknowledge that last-minute emergencies might cause cancellations; however, each case will be considered separately.

3. Late Payment

For payments that are more than six weeks past due, Premium Tutors retains the right to charge a late payment fee. A $50 late payment fee will be assessed beyond the six-week grace period for each two weeks (or fourteen days) that the payment is past due. The resources and time needed to recover the debt may also result in additional administrative fees.

In addition, Premium Tutors has the right to sue to recoup any unpaid amount that is thought to be essential or to make a claim with the Small Claims Tribunal. Generally speaking, if payment is not received within three months, Premium Tutors will file with the Small Claims Tribunal. If the debt is thought to be unrecoverable without legal assistance, we can decide to make claims sooner rather than later. Until a final court order is granted, late payment penalties will be assessed after every two weeks of non-payment, and the non-payer will be liable for all associated legal fees.


4. Verification of Certificates.

To confirm our teachers' credentials and reliability, clients are free to ask to see their official teaching credentials. If the tutor consents to disclose their personal documents, Premium Tutors will obtain these on the client's behalf and forward them. 


It will be clearly indicated on each tutor’s profile if they have submitted their certificates on our platform for verification purposes. Premium Tutors will not be held liable for fraudulent or incomplete information submitted on our platform.


Nevertheless, tutors’ who are detected to have submitted fraudulent information will be permanently blacklisted from our platform and further legal or police action may be taken against such tutors regarding the fraudulent behaviour.

5. Quality of Service

Premium Tutors does not guarantee that the tutoring services will result in improved academic grades. We strive to provide the best and most suitable tutor within the client's requests and budget. Once lessons have been conducted, clients are liable to pay for the lessons attended by the student, regardless of their satisfaction with the lessons. However, tutoring services may be canceled at any time if deemed unsatisfactory by the client. Feedback regarding the tutoring experience is greatly appreciated by Premium Tutors.

Section III: For Tutors

1. General

All tutors are required to provide accurate information regarding their academic certifications and personal particulars. Clients have the right to request these certifications for verification at any time. Tutors who attempt to deceive clients with false qualifications or certifications may be reported to the police.

Every tutor needs to act with integrity and professionalism. If a tutor behaves in an unacceptable manner, existing and future tasks will be terminated immediately. Tutors must adhere to the agreed rates and timeslots, with any changes requiring mutual agreement from the client and at least 48 hours' notice. In cases where this is not possible, such as sudden illness, a medical certificate (MC) may be requested for accountability. Tutors should be fully aware of the lesson location and consider necessary logistics, such as transport, before accepting an assignment.

Tutors are expected to conduct lessons personally and should not send representatives or substitutes. They must maintain professionalism and ethical behavior throughout the tutoring assignment. Punctuality is essential, and tutors should not reduce the duration of any lesson. Any form of physical or verbal abuse towards students or parents is strictly prohibited.

Tutors are generally expected to commit to assignments for at least three months unless a shorter duration is specified. Regular communication with parents about the student's progress is also required.

Any breach of these terms without a valid reason will negatively affect a tutor’s internal score in our database, as well as, if necessary, a complete blacklist from all of Premium Tutors' platforms.

Unless otherwise stated, tutors are also expected to commit to assignments on a long-term basis, generally for at least 3 months. If you are unable to fulfill this commitment due to special reasons or circumstances, you are required to inform Premium Tutors to avoid any misunderstandings and prevent blacklisting for future assignments.

It is expected of the tutor to schedule the second and all subsequent lessons directly with the student following the first completed lesson. After the first class, the client should be informed in full by the tutor of any personal, payment, or cancellation terms.

2. Commission Amount

From its tutors, Premium Tutors receives a one-time commission equal to the first two weeks of instruction. There will be no need for the tutor to take any more action as this commission will be obtained straight from the client. If any additional tuition services are added during the first month, such as tuition for a student's siblings or additional subjects, these must be reported to Premium Tutors and will also incur a commission. In the event the client pays the tutor the commission amount, the tutor should inform Premium Tutors immediately and make the corresponding payment as stated on the confirmation invoice directly to our company.

3. Short-Term Assignments
According to Premium Tutors and industry standards, assignments that are 11 weeks or shorter are classified as short-term assignments. Subject to a cap determined by the total number of lessons taught, the general commission for these assignments is 25% of the total lesson fees.

In the event of any discontinuations of Short-Term Assignments, Premium Tutors will collect 25% of the total lesson fees, and the tutor will receive 75% of the total lesson fees. However, if a tutor decides to cancel the assignment completely without a valid or legitimate reason, they may not be entitled to any tuition fees for the lessons conducted. Premium Tutors reserves the right to bill the tutor for 25% of the intended total lesson fees as its rightful share for the matching service provided. This will be assessed on a case-by-case basis, and any decision made by Premium Tutors regarding the outcome of the case is final.

4. Tutor Cancellation
Clients have the right to request a change in tutor at any time. If the tuition is canceled or changed within the first 4 weeks of lessons by the client, Premium Tutors will collect only 50% of the tuition fees involved. The remaining 50% will be paid directly to the tutor.

However, there are certain scenarios in which the tutor will not be entitled to their share of the 50% fees. Cancellation of the assignment by the tutor, failure to deliver lessons to a satisfactory standard, providing false or inaccurate information in the tutoring profile, and inability to provide supporting documents for claimed qualifications (e.g., academic certificates) are all grounds for action.

Each case will be thoroughly examined by Premium Tutors, who will also take into account the interests of all parties concerned. As the platform that facilitates coordination, Premium Tutors maintains the last say over how each case is resolved.

Once a tutor has confirmed their assignment via any form of communication (SMS, WhatsApp, Email, Phonecall), they are expected to complete at least 4 weeks of lessons. Irresponsible behavior will result in the tutor being blacklisted for future assignments.

If a postponement is necessary, tutors are required to inform the client at least 2 days in advance. In cases of sudden illness, a medical certificate (MC) may be requested by the client.

Tutors are allowed to reschedule lessons only if there is mutual agreement with the client.

5. Last-Minute Cancellations
First Arranged Lesson: If a client cancels less than 12 hours before the scheduled time, they will be liable to pay 50% of the lesson fees to cover the tutor’s transport cost and time.

Second Arranged Lesson and Beyond: Tutors must inform clients of their personal cancellation policies beforehand and resolve any issues directly with them. This matter will not fall under the company's purview.

General Terms
For Clients
For Tutors
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