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Accounting/POA Tuition in Singapore

While other subjects may be a breeze to students, subjects like Principles of Accounts (POA) which is offered from Secondary 3 to O level and Accounting in JC level onwards may be challenging to many without the right guidance. POA & Accounting are subjects that require deeper mathematical thinking skills and are a valuable asset for careers in accounting.

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Obstacles Faced by Students

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When students choose POA to take for their O Levels or Accounting in JC/tertiary level, some may be unsure what to expect from the subjects. In time to come, they may encounter issues and challenges in terms of understanding concepts, solving questions, and even adapting to the learning/teaching styles of the teachers.


One of the many common obstacles students may face are solving questions from topics such as cost-profit analysis, investment appraisal, and operations management. Hence most students find these topics fairly tough to comprehend & they would need assistance.

Educational Levels & Topics 

Accounting/POA tuition caters to different levels: secondary students, junior college, IGCSE/IB as well. While the basis of accounting remains the constant at all levels, different course curriculums are followed by Accounting/POA tutors in order to prepare students for tests/examinations.


At secondary level, POA tutors primarily focus on topics such as the roles of accounting, information systems, and the different elements in financial statements. At this level, it is also crucial for students to know how to construct various financial statements including the manufacturing account, income statement, and balance sheet. Business entities such as loans and debts should also be studied in detail. Other topics such as financial ratio analysis is also vital in order to carefully analyze the financial position of any business organization.