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A Level Tuition in Singapore

In Singapore, the GCE Advanced Level (A Levels) is a national examination held every year. Students are able to take the exam when they enter Junior Colleges or even as a private candidate. 


It is no question that enquiring tuition for A Levels has become increasingly popular especially in terms of 1-1 Private Home Tuition. In JC, it’s a whole different ball game for students. Schedules of classes are relatively longer, syllabus are tougher and the extremely competitive environment in school may cause a level of stress in students. Engage a tutor now with us and you’ll be rest assured that your child’s grades will improve for the better.

With our Database of more than 5000+ Active Tutors, we are sure we will be able to help you find the most suitable A Level Tutor for your learning needs and budget.

Getting Through The Syllabus

Annually, it is no doubt that the level of difficulty for A Levels increases too, making it tougher for students to compete for each other simply to get a spot in a local university. There is also a small percentage of students who put in so much effort, and are still unable to get the grades they desire. 


Hence, becoming a private candidate for A Levels is common as well. Students will tend to find it difficult to keep up with the JC syllabus. In Premium House Tutor, it is our utmost duty to provide you only the best tutors in our pool who are highly experienced in preparing your child for the A Levels examination.

Overcome Challenges

Ask around and anyone would tell you that A Levels in Singapore is extremely tough. The reason why is because MOE & SEAB partners alongside with the University of Cambridge to come up with the A Level papers in Singapore which is even tougher than the general standard A Levels taken in the UK. A Levels is an important national exam that determines students' pathway to University. Because of this, the pressure is put on students to excel and achieve their academic goals.

A Level Subjects

General Paper (GP)

H1/H2 Geography

H1/H2 Mathematics

H1/H2 Accounting

H1/H2 Chemistry

H1/H2 Biology

H1/H2 Economics

H1/H2 Physics

Student Classroom Desks

How does A LEVELS tuition help students?

Having tutors specialised in teaching JC Levels to help you build a strong foundation.

Constructive Feedback & Confidence Booster

Our JC Level Tutors are up to date with the syllabus

Our JC Levels Tutors are up to date with the syllabus

Able to provide materials for different levels

Advantages of A LEVELS tuition 

When it comes to extra coaching & guidance for A Levels exam, parents often times would reach out to tuition centres for help. Although the rates are relatively a bit more cheaper in comparison to a 1-1 private tutor, in terms of delivering and producing excellent results, a 1-1 private tutor would be more beneficial.

It doesn’t matter if the tuition centre is well known among parents because at the end of the day, they are unable to give your child the 100% undivided attention they deserve as they have to divide their time equally among the other students as well.

In Premium House Tutor, we are Singapore’s leading tuition agency that produces premium standard of education, service and best rates you can wish for! Our pool of well-equipped JC level tutors are well trained to give your child the premium standard of A Level tuition they deserve. Simply roll over to our “Find A Tutor” page and fill up the form & wait for a response back from our team!

We hope that every parent will be rest assured that your child is in good hands with our tutors, we would like to make A Level tuition available to everyone hence online lessons are readily available too for your convenience!


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