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Coding Lessons in Singapore

Being surrounded by Digital technology around us, we are always a step ahead towards a more improved technology as days goes by. It is almost inevitable for anyone to choose to be oblivious to updated technology. Overall, even if you are not an IT specialist, it is a good skill to understand some form of coding as an advantage as after all, we are consumers of IT, one way or another. 


Children and teenagers nowadays would spend quite a bit of time on electronic devices such as Tablets/smartphones/laptops but it doesn't necessarily make them smarter. 


As we are aware that numerous schools do teach information & communication technology, multiple students do not even have the basic programming skills and as they get older, it might be an importance to anyone and everyone, regardless of what field/industry you’ll be working in. 


In Premium House Tutor, our specialised Coding Teachers/Tutors able to teach students not only how to build computer programs but more importantly, are able to develop their cognitive, critical thinking, creativity and also spark some form of curiosity. Our highly experienced tutors will assist them and make them sure how programming works and it's not just some easy copying of codes written by the teacher. Not everyone wants to be a programmer, but programming will be necessary for everyone.

With our Database of more than 10,000+ Active Tutors, we are sure we will be able to help you find the most suitable Coding Tutor for your learning needs and budget.

Improves Creativity Flow

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Coding enables students, especially younger ones to uncover various ways to reach the same goal. To accomplish this, being able to adopt the habit of learning from their mistakes is crucial in coding especially when students were to come across an issue in the process. They can analyze and identify the cause of the issue, and resolve it whilst learning from their mistakes.

Enables Computational & Critical Thinking

Doing coding actually exposes students to critical and computational thinking. It involves multiple problem-solving key thought processes, making them create solutions in various ways how a computer/desktop executes hence further enabling students skills in computational and critical thinking skills for effectively. Coding is about applying knowledgeable skills and creativity to solve problems using real-world contexts for students.

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Online Class

How does coding tuition help students?


Learn different types of Coding languages such as Python, Java, C++, Javascript and many more!


Building a strong foundation in Coding


Online lessons for coding are much more intuitive and engaging compared to face-to-face ones!


Confidence Booster



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Our Coding tutors are diligent, accomplished and highly capable of tutoring students of all levels. They are passionate about all aspects of coding (python, basic concept of coding languages) and are eager to help students tackle their weaknesses in time for their exams.