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Economics Tuition in Singapore

The point of studying economics is so as not to be fooled by economists.” - Joan Robinson

A powerful economy is built based on the people a country nurtures. The purpose of studying economics is much more than solely grasping knowledge, but also to develop unlimited mediums to further modernize and elevate our society.
Located at the busiest trading port in the world, we should always be updated and be in tune with the latest revisions about economics, therefore the obligation to study it.  The scarcity in natural resources signalizes and further accentuates that our biggest assets are our people, which further pushes the need for us to invest in them.

With our Database of more than 10,000+ Active Tutors, we are sure we will be able to help you find the most suitable Accounting Tutor for your learning needs and budget.

Global Economy Matters

Analyzing Data

The purpose of learning economics is to allow students to learn how to examine economic and socio-economic issues which will help them develop the ability to tackle real-world economic matters. Incorporating economics into the education system enables students to gain insightful understandings about the world. Students can expand their field of vision globally by scrutinizing the complexity and pattern of the world’s economy.

To ensure substantial apprehension of economical concepts and principles, our tutors have developed strategic coaching methodologies to help your child. It has been observed that the most challenging part for many students is that they could not comprehend the concepts well, resulting in imprecise applications.  In order to remove this liability,  our tutors recognized and formulated effectively to ensure that your children have a solid foundation and knowledge to stay on track.

Engaging Economics Tutors

Since learning Economics has been established as an important milestone, we have cautiously selected a team of passionate and engaging tutors that will provide quality and engaging lessons. Our tutors will conduct lessons with developmentally appropriate materials that will benefit your child.. Our Economics tutors are patient and committed to seeing children discover their potential and grow into elites.


Economics is not the easiest thing to tackle, hence our team of professional preschool tutors recognize this and have prepared valuable and individualized ways to help you in your child’s development.

Our tutors will be able to teach your child in a way that is real and relevant to them, so that they will be prepared and ready for the beginning of their academic journey.

With Premium House Tutors, Economics can be fun again! Engage us for a 1-1 tutor now!

Financial Analyst

common Challenges faced by students 


Difficulty in keeping up with the pace of the school's Economics curriculum​


Facing intense competition and pressure from peers


Losing focus due to lack of interest


Poor skills in essay writing


Poor skills in the case study analysis

Advantages of

economics tuition 


Our Economics tutors are diligent, accomplished and highly capable of tutoring students of all levels. They are passionate about all aspects of accountancy and are eager to help students tackle their weaknesses in time for their exams. 


Lessons with our dedicated Economics Tutors are customized according to the tutee’s learning objectives and personal preferences. They are experienced with teaching and will be able to address any struggles and challenges you go through.


Master key terminologies and phrases to help you stand out with our professional Economics tutors. While students are unable to address every uncertainty they may have in large classes, they will be able to reach their full potential with a personal tutor’s guidance.


Our tutors will travel down to your residence or connect with you to have 1-1 lessons online so that you can learn from the comfort of your own home. Otherwise, tutors are also prepared to open their doors to provide a conducive learning environment for their tutees.


Pay for each lesson without having to put down a deposit or down-payment.