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Singapore's Leading University Admissions Consulting Service

Here at Premium Tutors, we take your child's university admissions consulting to another level of personalization and success, increasing their chances of admission to the university of their choice by up to 75%!

*Our Education Consultants are highly skilled themselves as they are alumni of top & prestigious universities which allows them to better understand the admission requirements.

Our Education Consultants are from Top & Reputable Universities:

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and more!

Our Services

Singapore University
Admissions Support

Young Scientist

Tutoring for IB, IGCSE, A Levels & more levels available!

Overseas University
Admissions Support

Business Meeting

Career & Financial Planning

How It Works

Crafting Your Plan

Select Your Schools

Ace Tests

Amplify Your ECLs

Personalized Essay Writings

Ace Your Interview

Crafting Your Plan

Our Academic Advisors are highly professonal and skilled. They will craft a personalized plan based on your child's & academic goals. Gain access to a full breakdown of the university course and entry requirements.

We will provide a comparison with other popular courses and choices in Singapore and overseas as well. In addition, we will assist you in increasing the chances and finding the fees of entry to your dream university.

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