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Geography Tuition in Singapore

When the best of humanities and sciences collide, you get Geography. It is one of the few subjects that studies actual real-world issues and helps students gain awareness of the different systems at work around us. Students who do well in geography, enjoy studying the interaction between people and their environment. Those who struggle, however, tend to have difficulties with memorizing facts and understanding connections between the elements. 


When it comes to studying your surroundings, it is important for students to enjoy the process of learning. Geography addresses vegetation, water supply, urban housing, transport, tectonic plates and more! The amount of content may be overwhelming for many, so it is crucial that students develop genuine interest as they work to memorize and understand concepts in time for their exams. If you are worried about your ability to ace your tests, we’ve got you covered. 

With our Database of more than 10,000+ Active Tutors, we are sure we will be able to help you find the most suitable Geography Tutor for your learning needs and budget.

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For some, geography can be a real challenge to master. It requires interpretive skills, critical-thinking skills and writing skills to express answers articulately. There is also a hefty amount of memorising to be done. To assist our students with this, we have brought together a group of professional tutors who will spare no expense to see you succeed at geography. 


It's never too late to take up our services! Our dedicated geography tutors will walk you through the syllabus step-by-step, and answer any questions you may have. Each lesson will be extremely productive as tutors add on to what is taught in the classroom. Besides, with a dependable tutor supporting them, students will no longer find geography tedious or boring, but fun and interesting. With our services, you can stand out amongst your peers and ace your exams. 

Personalized Lessons from  1-1 Tuition

The scope of topics geography addresses is large. From transport to the layers of the earth’s crust, there are some areas where students are strong and weak at.  In classrooms, students are often left adrift. Learning whatever the teacher wants for that particular lesson, unable to stay on a single topic for too long or learn at their own pace. Teachers are completely unable to give attention to each student and cater to their individual needs. 


This is an advantage Premium House Tutor’s 1-1 tuition has over a classroom setting. Our dedicated tutors customize each lesson to best address the student’s learning needs. Students will get to choose the location of their tuition sessions (face to face/online) so that they can learn comfortably. Most importantly, there is no need to stick to classroom lesson plans! If you are weak in a certain area, our tutors will dedicate all their time to that topic until you have mastered it. 


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