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Private guitar lessons

With Premium Tutors, you can now have private classes for Guitar from the comfort of your home. Our pool of more than 500 qualified tutors will ensure that you can find the most suitable tutor for you or your child.

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Why us? 


Upon receiving your request, we dedicate ourselves to helping you find a suitable instructor within 24 hours.


Our comprehensive pool of music instructors have a minimum of 3 years of teaching experience with proven track records and relevant qualifications. 


Our instructors, located all over the island ensure that you can receive quality music lessons at your convenience.

Our Guitar Lessons



The guitar is an excellent choice of musical instrument to learn. They offer a variety of genres when it comes to the styles, and even song choice! With Premium House Tutor, your kids are trusted with the right Guitar Instructors to teach them from beginner level to even advanced level! They will be exposed to so many music genres and learn how to appreciate the beauty of music. 


Lesson Type



Beginner /Music Appreciation

Grade 1

Grade 2

Grade 3

Grade 4

Grade 5

Grade 6

Grade 7

Grade 8



(Pop, Classical. improvisation)

30-45 mins

45 mins

45 mins

45 mins

1 hour

1 hour

1 hour

1 hour

1 hour

1 hour

1 hour

$30 - $45

$40 - $50

$45 - $55

$50 - $55

$50 - $60

$55 - $65

$60 - $70

$65 - $70

$70 - $80

$75 and above


Music Rates

Advantages of Guitar Lessons


Be disciplined

Learning how to play the guitar is not only fun but it teaches the student to cultivate time-management and dedication. With a 45 mins per lesson a month can produce incredible results! Whilst it can be difficult however, if they’re able to be discipline, not only will your child have the potential to be a great guitar player, but they’ll learn the commitment, effort & time management. 


Confidence Booster

Everyone starts somewhere. No one is miraculously good an instrument on their first lesson (possible but rarely). The more regularly your child attends guitar lessons, the more their confidence will built up and sooner & later they will be good at it! This does not apply to only guitar but other activities in their lives as well. Once they've mastered the basic and intermediate skills of learning how to play the guitar, they may be keen in learning a new instrument and the cycle of practicing and learning will boost their confidence in playing it in front of many people one day. 


Appreciation for Music

When your child is learning a certain song, it would be best to allow them to listen to the original song first. This potentially enables them to understand the mechanics on how to play it. As we also all know that when it comes to guitar, you can play a song in different genres such as classical, acoustic, and even electric guitar! This will definitely allow your child to be exposed to the different genres of music out there and eventually, they will appreciate it.  


Improves multitasking

To be good at playing the guitar, your child must be able to form chords on the fretboard with one hand and strum the guitar strings with the other. In addition to that, they would also require to be able to sight-read, listen, and if they choose, sing! That can be overwhelming to some kids as they would have to excel simultaneously. With the right guitar instructor, they will be able to be guided in the process how to multitask and this will ultimately make them be good at multitasking in other activities as well. 

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