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History Tuition in Singapore

“Those that fail to learn from history are doomed to repeat it.” - Winston Churchill


Studying history encourages students to pick up this critical mindset as they examine causes, effects and connections between present-day issues and past events. Consequently, empowering students to grow into analytical, critical thinking young adults. 


The problem lies with the nature of the subject. Schools recognize the importance of learning history, but many struggle to make history relevant and enjoyable. Memorize, regurgitate, rinse and repeat. Students are made to remember dates, events and their outcomes. Pictures in textbooks are not colorful or eye-catching and foreign names can be difficult to remember. 


The amount of content overwhelms most students and affects their concentration levels during classes, greatly affecting their grades in turn. Therefore, it is crucial that students receive help if they are struggling with history.

With our Database of more than 10,000+ Active Tutors, we are sure we will be able to help you find the most suitable History Tutor for your learning needs and budget.

Engaging History Tutors

School Application

Since history is known to be an extremely dull subject among students, we’ve assembled a team of passionate history tutors that will capture students’ attention with fun, interesting lessons. Studying history shouldn’t be a  tedious process. Through our premium tutors, you can surely look forward to uncovering your potential with history. 


We want all students to ace their exams with flying colors and most importantly, find joy in learning history. By understanding politics, people and events, and learning how to critically analyze case studies, our tutors will empower you with knowledge so that each tuition lesson is fulfilling and worth your money spent. 

Personalized Lessons from  1-1 Tuition

Most students are not able to give their 100% in exams by relying solely on what is taught in school history classes. They daydream, lose track of what is taught, become too embarrassed to ask questions in front of the whole class, et cetera. The solution for students is to get a personal tutor who will provide customized lessons according to the student’s learning needs.


Unlike school teachers, our private history tutors can dedicate all their time and resources to specific areas you are struggling with.  For example, instead of being forced to go through chapters 1 to 10, private tutors can focus on a singular chapter that the student struggles with.


How does history tuition help students?


Strengthens their knowledge


Drill their foundation on how to answer long essay based questions. 


Extra Tips


Confidence Booster