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IB Tuition in Singapore

The International Baccalaureate (IB) Education system in Singapore is currently taught in multiple international schools. Started in 1968, IB is currently still running in different countries which caters to students from 3-19 years old. Unlike the typical and standard MOE route which many local students go through, students who are taking IB may tend to struggle if they’re on their own. 


We need to bear in mind that there are 3 levels to the IB Programme which begins from the age of 3 till 19. Here on Premium House Tutors, our IB tutors are well equipped to assist your child at each level in the following:

With our Database of more than 5000+ Active Tutors, we are sure we will be able to help you find the most suitable IB Tutor for your learning needs and budget.

Teacher and Students in Science Class

MYP (Middle Years Programme)

Middle Years caters to students in the age range of 13-16. Students are able to learn Humanities and Technology. Because in the Middle Years Programme is being built upon the foundation of the previous PYP level, sometimes excelling may be difficult for some students and thus with the right IB tutors here from Premium House Tutor, your child is able to cope and achieve better grades in school.

PYP (Primary Years Programme)

School Students Stairwell

Usually students in this age range of 3-12 may find it tough to comprehend complex subjects like Mathematics & Science. IB Tuition is crucial for students in this age range so they are able to build a strong foundation and not worry about falling behind in the later years.

Students Between Classes

DP (Diploma Programme)

The Diploma Programme is essentially the final and most challenging years of the entire IB Programme for students from 16-19 years old. Subjects covered here are tentatively more complex and detailed. Sometimes students can have doubts after classes because of how complex the concepts are during lectures and thus, IB Tuition can be of a great advantage to your child.

IB Subjects

HL/SL Math

Arts & Humanities

Theory of Knowledge

Music, Drama & Dance

HL/SL Chemistry

HL/SL Economics

HL/SL Physics

English, Literature/Linguistics

Student Classroom Desks

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Having specialised tutors in IB to help you build a strong foundation


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