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IGCSE Tuition in Singapore

IGCSE (International General Certificate of Secondary Education) is a 2 year programme offered by Cambridge and is well known and globally recognized qualification for students in the age range of 14-16 years old.


In comparison to its international curriculum counterpart IB, IGCSE follows the traditional footsteps of its O-Level method and can be genuinely tough for students to excel. It is also internationally known to be relatively more difficult than most national examinations.


Since IGCSE is a competitive and challenging examination, students tend to find difficulty in grasping conceptual understanding of the syllabus and trying to keep up with the complex concepts faced in the subjects they’ve taken.

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Many IGCSE subjects involve a different tier levels: Standard/Foundation, Higher Levels (SL/HL). Self-study and doing IGCSE past exam papers can be demanding and it can also be challenging for international students to search for a local and easily accessible IGCSE Tuition Centres here in Singapore as most students would take the regular and traditional route of GCE O Level examinations offered by MOE. Premium House Tutor completely understands these problems that parents and their child face hence we are ready to assist you in providing only the most experienced and qualified IGCSE tutors and up to date with the IGCSE syllabus. 

Nothing Comes Easy

For IGCSE students, their examinations comprises written, oral, coursework and also practical assessments. The IGCSE syllabus is always changing and being updated to keep it relevant with the current age and there lies a challenge for students to keep up. When you need to juggle between subjects such as humanities, science, vocational and language subjects, students will find it overwhelming to try and overcome these struggles.

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Having specialised tutors in IGCSE to help you build a strong foundation

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Our IGCSE Tutors are up to date with the syllabus

Able to provide materials for different subjects

Advantages of IGCSE tuition 

Having a 1-1 tuition for IGCSE has become a norm recently, especially parents who are looking for Part Time/Full Time tutors who have gone through IGCSE and are highly familiar with the syllabus.

With Premium House Tutor, you don’t need to search high and low for the right tutor to assist in preparing your child for IGCSE exam, simply fill up the enquiry form and our coordinators will get back to you ASAP!

Many parents have entrusted us with their child’s IGCSE tuition and it has led them to scoring well in the examination and we never let them down. Being Singapore’s Leading Tuition Agency, we are able to match an IGCSE tutor with your child’s tutoring needs (if any), from Gender, Amount of Experience, Schedule, Subject and even Location.

In Premium House Tutor, we offer a premium standard of education, convenience and even the best market rates for IGCSE Tuition. We have made it a clear goal to assist students for them to excel for their examinations. Our large pool of tutors and quick-fill-up enquiry form, you can now find a tutor within a few clicks!


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