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Mathematics Tuition in Singapore

Mathematics is relevant to all the other subjects. Through its logical approach to problems, Mathematics ensures strong analytical thinking and problem-solving skills that will help students navigate through their lives.


Having a strong foundation in Mathematics is also important in every career path. Every level of mastery, from knowing basic arithmetics to complex problem solving skills.

With our Database of more than 5000+ Active Tutors, we are sure we will be able to help you find the most suitable Mathematics Tutor for your learning needs and budget.

Algebra & Geometry

As abstract as it may seem, algebra is an essential part of mathematics that brings together other branches. By mastering algebra, your child can illustrate things into numbers and letters, simplifying real-life problems and simultaneously inculcating a sense of critical thinking.


Finding a specialised tutor is therefore vital so that your child receives the education suited to his/her pace. As a parent, this is one way to ensure that your child learns such concepts from the best.


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Statistics & Probability

Though the concept of Statistics is not introduced early, being able to draw an inference from a large set of data is a must in our data-driven world. With terms as simple as average and mode to the more complicated distribution models, Statistical skills offer your child the capability to analyse numbers systematically.

By contacting us, you would not have to worry about the overwhelming process of finding a tutor. Simply let us know your child’s needs and preferences, and we will provide the most suitable set of tutors to guide your child in his/her learning. 

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Advantages of mathematics tuition 

Our tutors at Premium House Tutors have a strong understanding of certain mathematical concepts which can be tough to solve by many. They know how to target these problems in the most effective ways to conquer it. When a math tutor teaches their methods to students, from trying to solve rocket science type of questions, it’ll become as easy as 1, 2, 3. 

What we in Premium House Tutors can provide you is a personalized tutor that would ensure to guide your child according to his pace by providing materials & this would be an effective way for him to reach his goals. 

What we in Premium House Tutors can provide you is a personalized tutor that would ensure to guide your child according to his pace by providing materials & this would be an effective way for him to reach his goals. 

Mathematics is one of the subjects that builds on previous knowledge and having a weak head start would be tough for students to continue to progress to new chapters and concepts. Certain students may not be strong in some topics and because it snowballs, they might be struggling now. At Premium House Tutor, our math tutors are able to tackle these weaknesses and help students to revisit older topics and drill them in so they can keep up with Math.

The math tutors from Premium House Tutors are well versed and exposed to different materials each time they help out students from different schools across the nation. With that knowledge in extra tips, your child will be equipped with different ways on how to tackle higher order thinking problems which some other students can’t. 

If you’ve been getting the wrong answers, perhaps you need to stop and think that your technique at tackling the problem is wrong. Hence, it is extremely crucial to rectify these issues and move on using the right techniques. Our tutors in Premium House Tutor will always be giving you constructive feedback at your work so you will avoid practicing the wrong techniques.


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