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Are you worried that your child will not do well in his or her O Level Examinations this year?

Is your child feeling stressed out and finds coping with his or her academic subjects difficult?


Well, we’ve got a solution for you!

Sign your child up for tuition classes with Premium Tutors, a leading company of dedicated and professional tutors that will give your children the assistance and help they require.

With Premium Tutors, you can enjoy peace of mind as your child will fall in the good hands of the teacher, who will be able to guide the student onto the correct path, towards learning new concepts and topics.


Let’s take a look at the benefits of enrolling your child into tuition classes with Premium Tutors.

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Why o levels tuition with Premium tutors?
why is o levels important?

Secondary 4 is a hectic year for all students taking their O Levels.


The O Level Examinations represent a major crossroad in the life of a Secondary 4 student.
If one does well in the examinations, one will be able to move on to a higher institute of learning, that may even be prestigious or elite. Entering an elite school will allow you to enroll in a course or study of your choice, and it will be a breeze to enter due to the good results obtained in the O Level Examinations.

Opposingly, if one’s results are not up to standard, you will likely not be able to pursue any highly coveted courses in tertiary institutions that will earn you a good future. It will also be harder for you to start work in fields such as the medical industry and law industry, as these job scopes require a study of relevant courses in Junior Colleges (JC) or Polytechnics, which you might not have been able to enter while schooling there. Enrolling into a good JC will be beneficial as the learning environment in JC is more conducive and competitive, which easily motivates you to work harder in order to obtain better grades, eventually giving yourself a sense of joy and satisfaction when you attain high scores in your report cards. It will also be easier for youths to enter a university of their choice if they enroll into a JC as compared to a Polytechnic.


Nonetheless, Premium Tutors can also help you in entering your desired course in a polytechnic too. In order to stand a higher chance in entering the course you want, you should aim high for English, two relevant subjects to the course, and your best two subjects as these will determine your ELR2B2 (English, Relevant 2, Best 2). While many may have a stereotypical mindset that Polytechnics are subpar schools, Premium Tutors believes that Polytechnics are advantageous as you can learn numerous essential skills to help you in your future occupation, this is provided you already know what you want to become in the future. 


In addition, students who graduate from ITE schools or polytechnics are still eligible to enter a university, but chances of being accepted into a school of their choice are slim. Notwithstanding, Premium Tutors believes that nothing is impossible and slim chances should not affect your dreams. 
To briefly explain why entering a university is a good thing, universities allow students to study for a degree or a diploma, or even a Masters, which will be good for them you when looking for jobs in the future, after entering the highly competitive working world. 

Therefore, signing up for tuition lessons with Premium Tutors now will be highly helpful for your future. 




We have an extensive pool of qualified tutors who are excellent at tutoring youths, and they are able to customise their lessons and teaching methods based on your needs and requirements!
For instance, if you require a content-heavy lesson, our tutors will be able to provide more written work and papers for you to complete.


What’s better? As the tuition lessons are conducted on a 1-to-1 basis, the educator will be able to make good use of time to rectify any misconceptions and issues that you may have about a topic, and explain the steps to solve the problem in greater depth and detail, since the tutor only has to focus on you.

This way, you can ask however many questions as it takes to understand and comprehend concepts fully. As such, this is why tuition will be helpful, as school teachers usually do not have enough time to help each and every student answer his or her queries about the subject, which often results in confusion and misconceptions about certain topics. Also, with classes in schools usually being big with each class having about 40 students, and with lessons only going on for about an hour for each subject, students still might not be able to fully grasp the concepts taught in school, even if structured remedial and consultation sessions are conducted. Moreover, each student’s learning style and speed are different, and therefore the teacher will have many difficulties in catering to the needs of an entire class of students at once.

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why choose premium tutors?
Premium tutors at affordable rates

Premium Tutors has tutors that can teach any O Levels examinable subject, ranging from Pure Chemistry to Elective Geography.


By registering with Premium Tutors, you can give your child a head start, ahead of his or her peers.

Our tutors are willing to travel to your homes to conduct a 1-to-1 home based tuition lesson, so your children will be able to study in the comfort of their own home.

This means no more long hours spent travelling to and from the tuition centre! Your child will then be able to use his or her extra time efficiently and purposefully, which will give them the excellent grades they deserve and work hard for!

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