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Want to Learn & Speak Korean? Here's your chance!

Rated 4.8/5 on Google, Premium House Tutor aims to deliver high quality, interactive Online Conversational Korean Lessons in

small group (3-10 students).

*Beginner/Intermediate/Advanced levels available! 

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What levels we Offer?

Our teachers are native Korean speakers themselves as well!


Our Beginner level is popular among many as lessons incorporated contains day-to-day conversational topics such as learning about introducing yourself, time & location, experiences & suggestions & more!


After learning the basics of having to engage conversations, Intermediate lessons contains topics such as food, life wellbeing, describing others appearance & personality & more!


Our Advanced lessons are tailored to teach you on how to converse on more societal & global topics such as the Media & Information, Economy & Culture, Future & Science. 

*Coming Soon

Our Korean Language Classes

  • At Premium House Tutor, we offer Conversational Online Korean classes in Singapore for all levels, from Beginner to Advanced level. 

  • Our classes are tailored to pique interest and raise our students’ Korean language proficiency by creating an authentic learning experience with our native Korean speakers tutors. 

  • Our teachers will go through the basics of Korean grammatical structures so our students can identify and apply them easily to conversations!

  • Students will be able to practise their Korean skills through actual communication situations by teaching vocabulary and grammar categorized by functions and themes.

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All Videos

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Why Us?

700 - 800

Unique Enquiries

We have received at least 700 - 800 unique enquiries per month from clients finding the right tutor for different subjects & levels.  From Academic to Music to Sports Coaches, we have it. 

3000 Unique Website Visitors

We have at least 3000 Unique Website Visitors monthly from clients not only looking for 1-1 Home Tutor but also teachers for their Tuition Centres & Institutions.

Rated 4.8/5

on Google!

Many clients are satisfied with the tutors we've provided from our Tutor Pool. Read our Testimonials here now!

Worked with 50 Institutions!

We've worked with more than 50 Educational Centres, schools & even institutions in Singapore and globally to provide them with Top Rated Teachers.

What We Offer


Online Group Korean Lesson Market Rates for All Students
Class Ratio- 1 : 3-10


*Class size min. 3 students to commence

Class A: 1PM - 2:30PM
Teacher: Mr Jun
1 lesson duration: 1.5 hours

Our Tutors

- Most are Native Speakers

- Has numerous years of teaching Korean language or worked as a translator for Korean

- Holds a strong Track record from
Top Universities

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Our Curriculum

*This is an example of our curriculum. Some tutors learning materials may differ slightly 



You will learn how to


Lesson 1:

Nice To Meet You 

Greet & Talk about names

Introduce Yourself

Introduce my family member

'-ㅂ니다/습니다, -ㅂ니까?/습니까?



Lesson 2:

What Time Do You Get Up?


Dates & Days of the Week

Doing Something in the Past

'-ㅂ니다/습니다, -ㅂ니까?/습니까?



Lesson 3:

There is a book and a notebook in a bag


Doing Something At a Location