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Phonics Tuition in Singapore

Reading and recognizing words is an absolutely crucial aspect of everyday life. This is especially true when your child starts schooling and the majority of approved textbooks, homework and exam papers are written in English. 


A strong foundation in Phonics, not only allows for children to be more fluent in the language, it also serves them well when it comes to reading/learning words they might not recognize. For example, names and other languages (e.g. Spanish, Japanese romaji).


Schools do educate children on Phonics during English classes, but parents understandably worry as the syllabus changes in complexity every few years. Many Singaporeans already recognize the importance of Phonics and have started lessons for children as early as 2 years old. Many tuition centres also started offering enrichment classes for young children to learn how to read and speak well. 

With our Database of more than 5000+ Active Tutors, we are sure we will be able to help you find the most suitable English Tutor for your learning needs and budget.

Experienced & Qualified Phonics Tutors

Premium House Tutor’s group of highly qualified and experienced Phonics tutors are ready to go the extra mile just for your child; to set up a strong foundation in Phonics and build up their reading and speaking ability. 


Although English is one of Singapore’s primary spoken languages, many incorporate “Singlish” and other slang terms into our daily interactions with others. It is part of our culture. This can cause us to lose touch of proper pronunciation of the English Language. Our skilled Phonics tutors will help your child understand the relationship between letters and sounds and verbalise them, so that they will be confident and capable speakers. 


Our tutors consist of not only Part Time, but also Full Time and ex-MOE current teachers. Engage now and you will definitely see excellent results from your child!

Guaranteed results from  personalised 1-1 Coaching

Each child is special, unique and has a different learning style that best suits them. This is an advantage Premium House Tutor’s 1-1 tuition has over a classroom setting. Our patient and caring tutors will adapt accordingly to your child and customize their teaching style to one that best addresses your child’s  learning needs. 


Many children struggle with sounding letters like “th” and “s” when they read. Some children are able to pronounce letters, but read very slowly. There are also some who have difficulties differentiating from their “d”s and “b”s. No matter what difficulties your child may come across, we assure you that Premium House Tutors will get the job do