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Physics Tuition in Singapore

Physics can be an intimidating subject. It has complex concepts, formulas, calculations and requires a good foundation in Math  Furthermore, Physics is well-known for being ‘cumulative’. Meaning that if you do not grasp the first concept, you will undoubtedly fail to understand the next one. Thus, getting immediate coaching from a tutor or teacher when you are unsure, is crucial. 


How well the student does in Physics also depends on the teacher. Different teachers have unique approaches to instructing a class. They may be alert to students’ confusion, or they might not. They might depart knowledge in an effective manner, or their lessons might be boring and hard to understand. With the right tutor, students will be able to clarify information, enhance their understanding and gain confidence for their exams. 

With our Database of more than 10,000+ Active Tutors, we are sure we will be able to help you find the most suitable Science Tutor for your learning needs and budget.

Professional Physics Tutors

Premium House Tutor’s group of passionate Physics teachers are ready to enable you with knowledge and stir up a passion for the subject. No matter which level you are preparing for, combined/pure or H1/H2, our tutors are experienced and will do whatever it takes to help you ace your Physics examinations.


Students who take up our services will be able to study Physics according to school syllabus, gain knowledge that complements what is learnt in school and learn key tips and tricks from our capable tutors. Most importantly, students will gain a thorough and committed Physics tutor, who is experienced with the subject and understands the difficulties a student might face.

Guaranteed results from  Skilled Coaching

Each tutee has an ideal learning style. Sometimes, this cannot be exercised in classrooms as teachers have to address the entire class and keep lessons moving. Each student will not be given individualised attention and their questions often go unanswered. To solve this common predicament, our tutors take advantage of Premium House Tutor’s 1-1 tuition setting to provide an optimal,  specialised lesson plan that best suits the tutee. 


This is one of the largest benefits of taking up our tuition services. 

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How does Physics tuition help students?

Strengthens their knowledge

Building a strong foundation in Physics

Extra Tips

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Advantages of Physics tuition 

Our Physics tutors are extremely well-learned with the subject and experienced with tutoring. They will be able to help you clarify, understand and execute Physics formulas to excel your examinations.

Lessons with our dedicated Physics tutors are customized according to the tutee’s learning objectives and personal preferences. They are experienced with teaching and will be able to address any struggles and challenges you go through.

Master key terminologies and phrases to help you stand out with our professional Physics tutors. Unlike large classes where students are unable to address every single uncertainty they may have, you will be able to discuss with your personal tutor about specific questions anytime, at your own pace.

Our tutors will travel down to your residence or connect with you to have 1-1 lessons online so that you can learn from the comfort of your own home. Otherwise, tutors are also prepared to open their doors to provide a conducive learning environment for their tutees.

Pay for each lesson without having to put down a deposit or down-payment.

We have tutors ranging from younger undergraduates to seasoned MOE School Teachers, each specializing in a variety of subjects and levels. Ensuring that you will get the ideal tutor you want, down to the letter.


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