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Is your child facing difficulties in Physics? 

Well, we, Premium Tutors, can help your child.


Premium Tutors provides 1-to-1 tuition services so that our tutors can better understand and adapt to your child’s needs.

Furthermore, our tutors are highly-skilled and have years of experience.


Thus, they will surely be able to assist your child in getting an excellent grade for Physics.


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Why is physics important?

Well, some of you may be wondering, my child can simply drop Physics when choosing their subject combinations, so why bother?


But the truth is, Physics is playing an impertinent role in human development and space discovery.


A Physics degree can grant job opportunities in many fields like the space exploration field. Physics is required for a large portion of jobs in our society, and to get a Physics degree, preparations must start as early as when your child is in secondary school.

Furthermore, Physics teaches your child many skills such as being fair and not believing something until it is being supported by evidence or statistics.


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So, why hire a Premium Tutor?
High quality teaching

In schools, teachers have to teach around 30 to 40 students at once, and this makes it challenging for them to provide enough attention to each and every student. As such, some students who may need extra attention may be neglected.

But at Premium Tutors, things are different. Our professional tutors fully understand the syllabus your child is taking, and will be able to explain topics and concepts to your child effectively at the pace he or she is comfortable with.

Thus, our tutors provide high-quality teaching that cannot be compared to that of other tuition agencies and schools.

Customized teaching

Every child is unique, and so is yours.

At Premium Tutors, we strive to make every child a bright learner, and we know that every child has different learning speeds.

Therefore, our tutors will fully adapt to that and customize the lessons in a manner that your child will be comprehend everything taught fully and quickly.

By doing so, your child can thus be able to master Physics better and achieve outstanding results.

Precise analysis of your child’s strengths and weaknesses

Since our agency provides 1-to-1 private tutoring, our tutors will not have to disperse their attention over a group of children but instead, one child only, which is your child.

Hence, our tutors will be able to effectively analyse your child’s strengths and weaknesses in areas of Physics and deal with them so more better lessons can be given.

For example, if your child is weak in the topic of Density and good in the topic of Forces, after receiving our tuition, your child will be equally good in these two topics. At the same time, students will also not be vexed by the stress to be the best during tuition as the atmosphere is less competitive and therefore more conducive.

As a result, you child will learn in a stress-free environment. This method is more effective than the traditional teaching methods as it can deal with the root issue directly. Thus, your child will learn better and show improvements without a doubt.

Low and affordable charges

Premium Tutors, despite providing top quality tuition, keeps the tuition fee low to benefit a larger student body and allow more students to improve significantly in Physics.

It is almost impossible to find another tuition agency which provides high quality 1-to-1 tuition for such low prices.

Thus, your child will be able to receive quality tuition for a small sum of money.

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Premium tutors at affordable rates

All our fees are very affordable and worth it for the knowledge your child will be gaining!

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In a nutshell, we are the most effective and affordable solution for your child to get better grades in Physics.

So, sign up now at! If you have any queries, do SMS or Whatsapp us at 81256253.

We will be glad to help.

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