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With Premium Tutors, you can now have private Piano lessons from the comfort of your home. Our pool of more than 500 qualified tutors will ensure that you can find the most suitable tutor for you or your child.

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Upon receiving your request, we dedicate ourselves to helping you find a suitable instructor within 24 hours.


Our comprehensive pool of music instructors have a minimum of 3 years of teaching experience with proven track records and relevant qualifications. 


Our instructors, located all over the island ensure that you can receive quality music lessons at your convenience.

Our Piano Lessons

The ability to be musically inclined & play the piano is a wonderful skill to have. We at Premium House Tutor understands the enjoyment that can be gained from your piano, and we are dedicated to helping in ensuring your piano lessons is as enjoyable as possible with our highly committed Music Teachers. 



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Beginner /Music Appreciation

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(Pop, Classical. improvisation)

30-45 mins

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45 mins

45 mins

1 hour

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1 hour

1 hour

1 hour

1 hour

1 hour

$30 - $45

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$50 - $60

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$60 - $70

$65 - $70

$70 - $80

$75 and above



Advantages of Piano Lessons

Prevents Memory Loss

Studies has shown that people who continues to be musically inclined throughout their lives can potentially help reverse the demise of brain processing, memory and hearing loss.

Improves your Creativity

According to Dr. Ana Pinho who conducted a study on pianists. She monitored their brain activity while playing the piano, & she discovered that their brains improvisation ability is able to produce unique, original melody and style. 

Improves your Muscles & Hand-Eye Coordination

It is a given fact that learning to play piano would need some hand-eye coordination, but a researches has found out that piano performers have actually switched the cortical mapping to increase finger speeds. For adolescents and adults with not-so-good motor skills, apparently learning to play the piano can combat these brain connections to motor actions and even strengthen coordinations.

Practice with Time Management & Planning

Like any other responsibility or hobby, cultivating a habit to add it to your daily schedule and make time to do it would need you to have a good time management. Playing piano and other instruments in particular demands a routine practice schedule are particularly effective in challenging one’s ability to manage and organize their time wisely. 

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