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Here at Premium House Tutor, our top rated tutors are highly experienced teaching Primary 6 students sitting for their PSLE Examinations! Lessons available anywhere & everywhere in Singapore, tailored to your needs!

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PSLE Tuition in Singapore

It is without doubt that MOE (Ministry of Education) has consistently raised the bar of difficulty level for the PSLE exams annually. An example would be some older Sec 1 - 2 syllabus (Eg, Algebra) is currently being taught during the upper primary syllabus. 


For a 12 year old who is still trying to grasp these complex concepts is not easy for them, hence it is well known that PSLE home tuition is much requested by many parents as they want to build a strong foundation for their childrens during their upper primary years so they will not struggle to cope in their secondary years. 

With our Database of more than 5000+ Active Tutors, we are sure we will be able to help you find the most suitable PSLE Tutor for your learning needs and budget.

Highly Qualified and Experienced Tutors

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Each year, it is without doubt that trying to achieve good grades for PSLE exams in Singapore gets tougher and tougher because the pool of students striving for an A in their subjects is significantly high. This would only be possible if they have an experienced tutor in teaching students who are going for their PSLE exams so they are able to be guided on tips and tricks on how to ace their exams. 


Our 1-1 Tutors specialised in teaching P6 students are well versed in the syllabus and are able to provide extremely intense revision, past examination papers, and not forgetting crash courses whichever method they think would be suitable tailored for your child’s learning. On top of it, feel free to reach out to us to enquire on having more lessons in regards to dates closer to exams.

1-1 Private Tuition Is Highly Effective

We understand many tuition centres conduct P6 students tuition in groups, however when it comes to effectiveness, it would definitely be better if it's a 1-1 guiding and coaching especially when it comes to having your child sitting for a national exam. Having the right tutor to walk through your child’s mistakes so they will be able to correct it on the spot and move on faster to the following chapters.  

With Premium House Tutor, our pool of teachers consists of Part Time/Full Time/MOE Trained tutors specialised in the PSLE examinations and they are highly equipped to ensure your child receives only the best educational coaching for their studies. 

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How does PSLE tuition help students?


Having tutors specialised in teaching graduating Primary 6 students sitting for their PSLE exams. 


Constructive Feedback & Confidence Booster


Our Tutors are up to date with the PSLE syllabus.


Able to provide materials for different levels

Advantages of PSLE tuition 


When it comes to extra coaching & guidance for the PSLE exam, parents often times would reach out to tuition centres for help. Although the rates are relatively a bit more cheaper in comparison to a 1-1 private tutor, in terms of delivering and producing excellent results, a 1-1 private tutor would be more beneficial.


It doesn’t matter if the tuition centre is well known among parents because at the end of the day, they are unable to give your child the 100% undivided attention they deserve as they have to divide their time equally among the other students as well.