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I interviewed a student who had just taken his PSLE not long ago. 

"Which one do you think was harder for you, Primary or Secondary school syllabus?"
"I think it'd have to be Primary school because I didn't have a tutor."

Indeed, having a tutor does help a lot.


Moreover, the difficulty of the PSLE examinations is said to be increasing each year. This is adding hail to snow with the already-tough PSLE examination papers.

"If only I could skip PSLE..." He said.
Well, it is pretty obvious that this is most likely impossible. However, you can definitely skip struggling PSLE! 


Currently, many primary school students are struggling to understand the concepts either because their learning pace is different from the school's teaching speed or that they simply did not clear their previous misconceptions or doubts, and slowly snowballed them up. This might not be a big deal at the start. However, as time goes by, when the students are presented with more complexed concepts built based on what they have learnt, they will naturally not understand. And, if they continue to not do something about this, they are going to face even more trouble in the future. This is a vicious cycle.

Therefore, we are here to help! We believe that different students have different learning styles that best fit them. Hence, our tutors do not teach like what school teachers do - having a standard teaching method as if every student is the same. I quote," Every student can learn, just not on the same day, or the same way."

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Why private tuition?

Having a private tutor optimizes your child's potential and better prepare them for the future because of the following reasons:

1) Get tuition at your convenience
Because private tutors teach 1-to-1, they are more flexible than school teachers or tuition centres. You can learn at your own comfort and pace.


2) Opening up the opportunities for pre-learning
Private tuition not only helps you with whatever that is already teaching in school, but it also opens up the possibility of learning topics that are going to be taught soon. This allows your child to win on the start line as they have already learnt the basics of a certain chapter and built their foundations. This way, they are able to absorb the concepts taught in school faster and more easily.

3) Personalised attention and feedback
Every scientist will tell you that no two brains are the same. As a result, every student learns at a different pace and a different way. By having home tuition, your child gets detailed personalised feedback based on their own performance. This way, your child will not improve the generic way as every feedback is dedicated and customized for them.

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