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Excel in not only your studies, but your fitness & sports journey too with Premium House Tutor!

Here on Premium House Tutor, we provide a pool of sports & fitness coaches ranging from Badminton, Tennis, and also a Fitness Instructor! You can learn competitively or even just for leisure! Get in touch with us now!

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Personal 1-1 Fitness Training 

Personal 1-1 Fitness Training 

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By, enrolling and playing Badminton definitely strengthens your muscles & making you strong and fit.


Each time you have to run back & forth to hit the shuttlecock, it builds up your muscle mass, and tone them up into perfect shape. It elevates & strengthens your core muscles especially the calves, and hamstrings.

During swimming, these are a few examples you will learn:  

  • breaststroke

  • backstroke

  • sidestroke

  • butterfly

  • freestyle

Each style allows you to work on different muscle groups, and the pool provides you a small amount of resistance. No matter what style you do, you’re working on strengthening your core. 

When you engage with a fitness instructor, he/she is able to demonstrate the correct posture and technique so you are certain to do workouts correctly and efficiently, and as such you will not injure yourself in the process of it. 

A fitness instructor will work with you to set realistic goals for yourself that you will be able to achieve & they will also be able part of the journey to ensure you are disciplined. 

Playing Tennis improves your mental health! Playing tennis is able to improve your critical thinking, alertness.

Tennis also helps to stimulate the serotonin —a brain chemical linked to function your sleep cycle, appetite, and even your emotional state. This regulates and ensures everything is in check!


5 Benefits of being Active!


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1hr each class

$50 - $80

$80 - $100

1 Coach for 2 pax

$110 - $120

1 Coach for  3-4 pax


1hr each class

$50 - $60 

$60 - $80

1 Coach for 2 pax

$80 - $100

1 Coach for 

3-4 pax



1hr each class

$50 - $70





1hr each class

$35 - $40

$40 - $75

1 Coach for 2 pax

$90 - $120

1 Coach for 3-4 pax

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