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Our Violin Lessons


Playing the violin can seem daunting to some people because of its difficulty of the instrument. However, to some people, it is as easy as 1, 2, 3. Typically, bowed instruments are tougher to learn as they are more sensitive compared to other musical instruments. With that being said, it is imperative for kids to take up violin lessons when they're much younger to prevent bad habits to appear into their later progress when they're much older. 


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Beginner /Music Appreciation

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(Pop, Classical. improvisation)

30-45 mins

45 mins

45 mins

45 mins

1 hour

1 hour

1 hour

1 hour

1 hour

1 hour

1 hour

$40 - $45

$40 - $50

$45 - $55

$50 - $55

$50 - $60

$55 - $65

$60 - $70

$65 - $70

$70 - $80

$75 and above



Advantages of Violin Lessons

Improves strength and hand-eye coordination

When your child play the violin, their fingers tend to get stronger due to the twitching of muscle fibres while playing different notes. With such, they will be flexible and the ability to build strength in their arms and fingers. It also assists them to work on their posture as they have to sit upright for quite some time & as we all know, that will definitely strengthens their back simultaneously. 

Improves memory and creativity

Anyone who learns how to play the violin are aware that they not only have to read but also memorise notes. In addition to that, they have to grasp the rhythm of the notes in the music sheet as well. Following which, they have to practice coordinating both of their left and right arms while playing. All of these actions involved helps to build both long-term and short-term memory. Through regular lessons with our Violin Teachers, it definitely helps to build up muscle memory and helps kids to think innovative ways to play the instrument. 

Practice with Time Management & Planning

Like any other responsibility or hobby, cultivating a habit to add it to your daily schedule and make time to do it would need you to have a good time management. Playing violin and other instruments in particular demands a routine practice schedule are particularly effective in challenging one’s ability to manage and organize their time wisely. 

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