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Biology is one of the three sciences, namely Biology, Chemistry and Physics, that are compulsory for students schooling in Singapore to study.


In our modern day and age, biology is a very useful subject, as the knowledge and study of biology can be applied to our daily lifestyles as well as many situations. It is a practical and interesting subject that many students tend to opt for in school, for instance, during the selection of their subject combination to be taken in Secondary Three, or when choosing a course to study in higher level institutions.

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The Benefits of taking Biology

Many parents may wonder, what are the benefits my child can get if he or she studies Biology as a subject?

Well, the answer is, there is a wide scope of careers and jobs that require the usage and application of skills learnt in Biology.

For example, biology is a relevant subject in job fields such as the medicine and science industries. If your child’s dream job is to be a doctor, engineer or even a chemist, he will have to study this subject to be better equipped for the job. Studying this subject will allow youths to have the choice to choose which branch of biology they would like to specialize and work in. 


Biology allows us to better understand our environment surrounding us, as well as the complex forms of life involving human interaction as well as the rest of the world. By studying Biology, we are participating in the study of life, which has arguably helped to shape the world in one way or another. It also provides solutions and answers to problems that occur on a large scale, which will help your child in developing his critical and analytical thinking skills, which are important in helping him solve problems in many different contexts in the future. 


Therefore, Biology is a fascinating and captivating subject that is worth studying. Enhancing your child’s aptitude in the Biology subject by signing him up for tuition classes with Premium Tutors will provide him with many benefits in the future. 

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Why private Biology tuition classes?

Biology is a content-heavy subject, especially when it comes to learning the subject in upper secondary, or even tertiary and higher institutions.

It requires one to spend a lot of effort studying this subject for one to excel in it, due to its difficulty and complexity. Many students struggle with comprehending the syllabus and might therefore develop a dislike for the subject. This will cause them to lose interest in Biology, which will result in failing grades and unhappy parents.

Here, our tutors will step in to change the mindset of your child to give him the correct attitude towards Biology, and give him the good results he desires.

Students might have queries and misconceptions about Biology that they want to clarify, but do not get the chance to. In the common setting of a classroom or tuition centre, there are many pupils in one class and only one teacher, which would mean that the teacher is required to cater to the needs of an entire class holistically, instead of focusing on one individual student alone. The teacher or tutor will then have to divide his or her time among all the students, giving your child a shorter duration of time to ask any questions or solve any issues pertaining to Biology.

By the end of the lesson, your child is likely to have many unclarified and unanswered questions lingering in the back of his mind that answers may be crucial for major tests and exams.


However, a private tutor will be able to give his undivided attention to your child and focus on him only, so as to clear up any doubts about the Biology subject. This way, there will also be more time for our tutor to explain clearly and concisely, the key points that are mandatory to understand, as different students have learning speeds that may differ from one another, as well as learning styles and what works best for them. 

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why biology tuition with premium tutors?

At Premium Tutors, we have a wide range of tutors that are dedicated to tutoring and doing their best in helping your child excel in the subjects he receives tuition for, in this context, Biology.

They are qualified and experienced as well, and are able to give your teenager the help he or she requires.


We offer tuition classes on a 1-to-1 basis, and our tutors are more than willing to travel to your homes so your children can learn in a conducive environment, in the comfort of their homes! Lesson timings and dates are also very flexible, so we can work around your child’s busy schedule. 


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Premium tutors at affordable rates

All our fees are very affordable and worth it for the knowledge your child will be gaining!

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Nowadays, the school system is very competitive and everyone wants to do well in their academic subjects.


By enrolling your child into private tuition classes with Premium Tutors, your child can get a greater edge over their peers as the Biology syllabuses are becoming tougher and tougher.


Sign your child up with for Biology tuition classes with Premium Tutors today, and watch your child get a head start in the subject!


With the right amount of effort spent on studying Biology as well as the correct attitude towards the subject, your child can achieve the academic results he deserves.


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