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3 Golden Advantages of Homeschooling Your Kids

Updated: Jan 26, 2022

Unhappy with the quality of academic instruction, parents are increasingly choosing to homeschool their kids. Yes, of course, most of us would choose traditional public schools over homeschooling on any given day, but a home education has a charm of its own! Not only does it help you to be in more control of your child’s education, but it can also be tweaked to suit your child’s learning pace.

Children who receive a home-based education end up having more free time than their peers! Consequently, homeschooled kids can focus on their interests, and their parents can help enhance the skills they are already good at! Read on to know more about the pros of home schools:

You get to spend more time with your kids

Kids who go to traditional schools are wound up most of the time because of the rigid timings and the mountain load of homework they get daily. They are tired and stressed most of the time. But homeschooling your kids can change this.

Get your child out of this restrictive setting and schedule, and watch them grow! Homeschooled kids are happier and more outgoing than their counterparts, and they also end up spending more time with their parents. The parent-child relationship gets more potent, and the family functions as one happy unit. Who said that education should only be restricted to raising your intellectual and intelligence levels?

You are the captain of the ship!

Did you know that homeschooled kids do better academically? It all boils down to the parents’ involvement, a great schedule, the dedication of the student and the availability of stellar tutors.

As a parent, you decide what your kids will learn! Neither you nor your children have to worry about rigorous assessments at the end of every year to check a student’s ability to concepts. You can ensure your child gets through public examinations. Homeschooling might help them retain valuable ideas by asking them to apply them in their daily


You choose their teachers

Unlike public schools, home education gives you the liberty of selecting the best tutors for your kids and you can have them over regularly according to your convenience. If you want your kid to be acquainted with new subjects which are not taught in traditional schools, a tutor can take care of that too! Be it learning people skills or different languages; you can look for tutors or search for online courses.

Everything depends on your kid’s rapport with the home tutor and how adept they are at teaching. And yes, if things don’t work out, you can hire someone else. You can’t do that if your child goes to a conventional public school, can you?

Of course, there are drawbacks as well. You have to invest a lot of your time. Many concerned parents feel that their kids should not be deprived of the opportunity to learn with their peers. Also, homeschooled kids don’t participate in competitive sports, which helps in remaining physically fit and learning the importance of teamwork. But these problems can be eliminated with the help of a structured approach towards your child’s all-around


Edited by Huang Xinyi


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