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How can you save money despite sending your child to tuition?

Not every child is gifted with intense talent, skill and intellectual mind to perform tasks. Some has higher order thinking skills and able to think outside the box, while some fall behind subjects. The latter’s parents often seek help and advice to compensate their child’s weak academic foundations. Parents usually assume that increasing coaching classes strengthens students’ ability to think more critically. Therefore, their kids end up dealing with a massive amount of tuition classes resulting in an excessive workload of assignments for their children and spending a fortune for such lessons. If you think you want what’s best for your child and want to cut tuition costs, then here’s what we can advise you to do.

  • If your child can’t finish their homework on time, then decrease its frequency every week.

Everybody feels frustrated with a hectic schedule, especially when given a tremendous amount of work. For the children, attending too many lectures, extra tuition classes, and assignments brings a considerable burden. Parents probably think this is the best way to enhance their skills. This learning method is not helping students because too much workload will discourage them. Tuition will be meaningless in this case. If you have 2-3 classes a week, it would be great to reduce it.

  • Kids group study

The best way to reduce tuition costs is to have all children in one place with their study materials. There will be no need for extra tuition classes, and kids enjoy learning and playing with each other. While the tutor is likely to charge you more per session, you can get away with paying less per kid or, better yet, since kids can also turn out to be great friends.

  • Online Tuition

The Internet has enabled us to do just about anything. These days, private tutors have started offering classes via Zoom or Google Meets at a reasonable price since they don’t have to travel to kids' homes for tuition. Traveling time can definitely be saved greatly.

  • Is tuition worth it?

You should check with your kids to see if tuition is helping them daily so you can make up your mind as to how many sessions per week are required for your child. Based on this fact, you can keep only the necessary classes.

It is a breeze to engage your tutors with Premium Tutors. Within 24 hours, you will be able to secure your preferred tutors. After trying out a few lessons, if you are not satisfied with the tutor, we will recommend a new tutor at absolutely ZERO cost (no additional cost to find a new tutor). How great is that? Your customer service experience at Premium Tutors will make finding a tutor worth it.

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