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2 Tips to Make Maths Fun For Your Kids!

Updated: Jan 19, 2022

Does your child keep complaining that he/she hates math? They might be getting exceptional grades in all the other subjects, but mathematics seems to be a tough nut for them to crack. This is because they can’t apply the concepts mentioned in the textbooks in real-world situations, and the questions don’t make sense!

As a parent/tutor, making mathematics something REAL and fun is in your hands! Let’s see how to make math fun for children, shall we?

1) Take them along with you when you go to the supermarket

Going grocery shopping? Get your children to tag along with you! Ask them to count the number of cars in the parking lot. Then ask them to subtract the number of white cars from the total number. This mental exercise will make them better and faster for mathematical equations.

You can also ask them to count the number of items you intend to purchase and add and find out the total amount to be given to the cashier. This will make them understand that math is simultaneously useful in the real world and a life skill! The more you incorporate math into daily life, the more they will find it interesting and helpful.

2) Get creative!

So your child is stuck on a problem sum. What can you do to help them?

We’d suggest that you make a story around the problem sum and explain it to them by drawing it! The visual representation of the problem will be a great help to your child.

Thirdly, use your body and hands to explain angles to your child. You can also use cookie dough to show them different shapes. Tell them to make circles, triangles, and rectangles using a cookie cutter. They will love this game!

Similarly, you can use real money to teach them to count banknotes. You can also use props such as apples, bananas, nuts, and chocolates to teach them basic addition, subtraction, division, and multiplication.

Additionally, ensure that your child understands the mathematical concepts and not just memorises everything. For instance, if they are learning the multiplication table, they can understand how it works. [user this method: Make Math Easy]

In conclusion

Math is a subject that cannot be ignored no matter how hard one tries to get away from it. Therefore, the child must develop an interest in it right from the primary level. They should not fall into the trap of thinking that math is the most challenging and boring subject out there. It’s not so; it can be fun and exciting when taught right!

For personal guidance to improve your child’s math skills, you can also consider hiring a Personal Mathematics Tutor who can understand the kid’s mindset and is well trained enough to tweak the teaching methods accordingly. Personal math coaching from an early age can help your child develop excellent logical and analytical skills for a brighter career ahead.

Edited by Xinyi

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