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Learning Hacks: How To Make Studying Fun And Enjoyable

Updated: Mar 18, 2022

Regardless of how much you may enjoy studying, the truth is that learning can feel tedious at times. Especially if you are falling behind your peers in school and have countless concepts, facts and information to not only digest but to master, it is inevitable that studying can feel like a trying experience.

It is during times like these where you are faced with a challenge – how do you make studying not only tolerable, but actually enjoyable?

We have compiled a list of 5 ways that you can make studying even your least favourite subject fun and productive!

Gamify your learning

If you often find yourself absorbed into video games, you could try to gamify your learning. Now, what exactly does this mean? Well, essentially, gamification of learning involves incorporating elements of video games to make studying much more engaging!

One of the factors that gets us hooked onto video games is a compelling narrative as we are eager to find out what happens next. Similarly, this can be applied to studying, especially for subjects such as History and Literature. For instance, if you are learning about a particular battle for History, you could re-enact the events and create a storyline to help with memorising otherwise tedious facts and dates.

Another way you could incorporate gamification into your learning is to make use of online games and apps. There are various games available for students like yourself to reinforce your learning whilst having fun!

Create flashcards

There is a reason why flashcards are still as popular today as they were years ago -- they work! Flashcards are a tried-and-true approach for helping students retain information and comprehend complex concepts. They are created with the intention of enhancing and encouraging active recall. Active recall strengthens neural connections in the brain, making it an effective strategy for memorising information.

When you are faced with a complex concept, challenge yourself to condense the information. You could even see this as a game – can you break down two pages worth of information into a single flashcard? What’s more, you can let your creativity run wild with flashcards. Adding drawings and designs onto each card can actually help you when you are struggling to remember certain facts. The visual cue on your card will prompt you and chances are, you will recall the information on it!

Use nice stationery

Do you love fancy stationery? Investing in some nice stationery that you would enjoy using is an easy method to make studying fun.

Colourful pens, highlighters and notebooks with stylish covers will entice you to use them! What’s more, if you use stickers and coloured pens when writing your notes, you'll be more inclined to revisit them. Another stationery tip is to invest in is a “to-do” list notepad so you can cross things off your list as you complete them -- nothing matches the joy and sense of accomplishment when striking things off. Plus, it will help you remain on top of what you need to do and when to do them!

Listen to music

Everyone is different, and some individuals may find it difficult to focus while there is music playing in the background. However, if you are attempting to grasp a concept that you simply are not interested in, having some music playing in the background might be quite beneficial.

However, it is recommended that you experiment a little to discover the ideal sort of music to play whilst studying. Spending too much time skipping songs you do not enjoy or trying to locate the perfect study playlist can be counter-productive as it takes away from your precious study time!

For most people, music with no lyrics is preferable. Soothing symphonic piano or jazz music are great options that will help you concentrate on your tasks at hand. If you do not enjoy classic music, fret not, as movie soundtracks and Lo-Fi music are also popular genres that people have in the background when studying!

Study with a friend

Learning with a friendly is nearly always a good approach to make studying more enjoyable, especially if you tend to procrastinate. When studying alone, it might be tough to stay motivated. With a friend to cheer you on, studying can feel much easier.

Besides serving as great motivation to power through studying, when studying with a friend, you can help each other with topics that you might be struggling with. Some suggestions for making the most out of studying with a friend are to compare notes, engage in academic discussions and to set each other pop quizzes to test your knowledge.


Often, studying can feel like a chore, but it does not have to be! These 5 ways are just some methods you can adopt to make learning enjoyable and engaging for yourself.

If you require some extra assistance in your studies, engaging a private tutor can help immensely. Here at Premium Tutors, we are a home tuition agency in Singapore offering 1-to-1 tuition services at your convenience. Our qualified tutors are dedicated to making lessons interactive so that you will enjoy learning!

Contact us today to engage a private home tutor and arrange for enjoyable lessons catered specifically to your learning needs.

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