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Premium House Tutor’s excellent Preschool Tutors are guaranteed to provide quality lessons for your children from Phonics, English, Math & Chinese. Lessons are available anywhere & everywhere in Singapore! Get in touch with us now! 

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Pre School Tuition in Singapore

“The secret to getting ahead is getting started.” - Mark Twain


We all know how important it is to start early in this current generation. As we nurture the next generation and secure our children’s future, it is important to provide the best for them. Finding a qualified and suitable Preschool Tutor will ensure a successful head start for your children. Positive preschool education will leave a prominent impact on children, helping them to grow their character and cognitive abilities.

To ensure proper early childhood development and academic readiness for Primary School, many parents tend to underestimate the need to have preschool education and homeschool their children, thinking that it is sufficient. However, a portion of the key foundations that your child requires  like pre-literacy and pre- numeracy skills might be sparse, which might impact their ability to learn or catch up in Primary School. 


Schools recognize the importance of effective learning, hence the streaming exercises. To ensure that your children have a solid foundation and knowledge to stay ahead, it would be important to start on time. 


While we identify and understand the apprehension of parents, we offer quality and competent Preschool Tutors to you, giving you the best options to help  nurture your children.

With our Database of more than 5000+ Active Tutors, we are sure we will be able to help you find the most suitable Pre School Tutor for your learning needs and budget.

Engaging Pre School Tutors

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Since Preschool education has been established as an important milestone, we have cautiously selected a team of passionate Preschool tutors that will provide quality and engaging lessons. Our tutors will conduct lessons with developmentally appropriate materials that will benefit your child. They are patient and committed to seeing children discover their potential and grow into elites.


Preschool Education is not the easiest thing to tackle, hence our team of professional preschool tutors recognize this and have prepared valuable and individualized ways to help you in your child’s development.

Our tutors will be able to teach your child in a way that is real and relevant to them, so that they will be prepared and ready for the beginning of their academic journey.

Guaranteed results from  personalised 1-1 Coaching

Each child is special, unique and has a different learning style that best suits them. This is an advantage Premium House Tutor’s 1-1 tuition has over a classroom setting. Our patient and caring tutors will adapt accordingly to your child and customize their teaching style to one that best addresses your child’s  learning needs. 


Many children struggle with sounding letters like “th” and “s” when they read. Some children are able to pronounce letters, but read very slowly. There are also some who have difficulties differentiating from their “d”s and “b”s. No matter what difficulties your child may come across, we assure you that Premium House Tutors will get the job done. We care and we want your child to excel. 

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how does Pre school tuition helps students


Pay only per lesson, at affordable rates.

More than 10,000 Tutors available who able to deliver practical and engaging lessons either at your residence, or online


All topics and levels available. From N1-K2, Phonics, English, Chinese & Math. We have tutors that specialises in the various syllabus, ensuring you will be able to receive the help you need.​

Choose to focus on specific areas such as Phonics, Creative Writing, Grammar, Math, etc

Advantages of Pre school tuition 


Learn Important Tips & Tricks

Equip your child with a critical set of skills as they get ready for Primary School. It is important to cultivate beneficial habits and healthy study patterns for your child before they embark on this tedious journey. Our Preschool Tutors will not only ensure smooth substantial growth in their academic progression, but also sprouted character development.  While children start to explore and learn, it can cause uncertainty and confusion. With our tutor’s guidance, they would be able to reach their fullest potential and be assured of a constant pillar of support.

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