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Science is intuitively around us. From where we work to where we live. Science is heavily content-oriented knowledge to acquire as compared to languages and mathematics papers in which are life skills. Having a strong foundation in Sciences during your child's academic years will definitely branch up many employment opportunities since most prominent jobs revolve around Science.


Since Science is a heavy content-oriented knowledge to learn, sometimes students may feel it's too overwhelming to cope in a classroom where there's other subjects to weigh on their shoulders. Sometimes, they need extra help at home and getting a home tutor is an efficient way to keep up and ensure they’re able to cope in school. 

With our Database of more than 5000+ Active Tutors, we are sure we will be able to help you find the most suitable Science Tutor for your learning needs and budget.


What we observe around us is mainly caused by chemical reactions. Examples would be: ice cubes in our cold drink would melt and change from solid to liquid, soap & detergent reactions and even cooking!

Chemistry comprises analysis, objectivity and problem solving. These are good skills that can be useful to any field (be it school or work).


Physics is mainly the study of matter, energy and their interactions which is an essential knowledge to acquire as it pushes and creates future technologies that will potentially drive the economy for the world. In addition to that, Physics provides quantitative and analytic skills needed for analyzing data and solving problems in our everyday lives. 


Like Physics and Chemistry, Biology is equally as important as well. Biology explains how the human body is composed. If there are any issues with the ecosystem, studying Biology helps to address these problems. When it comes to building a sustainable environment, Biology has a crucial part to play in All in all, it helps in understanding the basic and fundamental concepts of life.

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How does science tuition help students?

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Advantages of Science tuition 

Having a home tuition for Science tuition usually provides a more comprehensive and in-depth knowledge and practice on a particular topic before moving on to a more tougher topic. Students who have the ability of receiving home tuition will then have the chance to refresh, consolidate their notes and also deepen what they’ve learnt.

You may find that if your child starts having home tuition for Science at a young age, he/she will be able to familiarise themselves with more effective methods of approaching Science as reading notes and memorizing isn’t enough for a student to excel in Science. They need to be able to get used to analyzing and understanding complex scientific concepts.

Many students are trying their best to cope with school and many times they tend to realize that they're unable to cope just by coming to classes each day. Especially if there’s a major examination coming, they’d tend to panic and might need a home tutor to be able to guide them and put them on track by revisiting the chapters they’re unsure of.

Having a good Science home tutor is definitely vital in your child’s growth of learning. A committed & skilled tutor is someone who has a deep and strong knowledge in ensuring your child receives the best tutoring support to not only get an A during exams but also better comprehend how Science affects us everyday.  Comparing school teachers who have a lot on their plate to handle, having a home tuition for Science ensures you that tutors are being put in a position where they can primarily focus and work on the child’s needs especially on revisiting on the topics whom he/she does not understand.  Here at Premium House Tutors we can assure you that our tutors are 100% committed & skilled in providing what’s best for your child’s needs.

At Premium House Tutor, our tutors are devoted in making sure that your child gets the right resources and materials. Additional resources and materials can help students to actually grasp more complicated questions and not just have a narrow standard answer from what is taught in their textbooks. Science itself is an interesting subject, we ensure that your child receives the best and qualified tutor that matches your child’s level to not only gain knowledge for exams but to apply to their day to day lives.

Having a home tutor for Science eases your worry on trying to schedule external tuition classes timings and dates. At Premium House Tutor, you can have the flexibility and convenience of planning with a tutor that suits your liking. This can also help you and plan your child’s activities and not having the worry of clashing .  This will ensure that parents can plan their child’s activities and not have to worry about clashes, thus enabling them to choose the best science tuition for their children


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