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Painting Class
List of Promo

What We Offer

Girl Painting in Art Class

1-1 Art Lessons


Private Sports Lessons (Tennis/Badminton Swimming)


1-1 Academic Home Tuition

music academy.png

Private Music Lessons (Piano/Guitar/Violin)

teacher writing.jpeg

1-1 Conversational Languages


Focusing at Work

High Quality Coding Lessons

(For all skills & ages)

Exclusive deals with our partners!

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Get $50 off your new Piano if you engage a Piano tutor from us!


Online Tutorial

Get a 1-1 Tutor with us & Supplement your learning with 88 tuition!

  • You’ll get access to numerous high quality video-based learning materials with the updated MOE syllabus

  • Unlock numerous tests & quizzes!

  • If you purchase any package within 3 days upon signing up, you’ll get an additional $25 off and 2 extra months for free!

Promo Code: PHT1

Terms & Conditions:

1. There is no minimum commitment period. Fees just have to paid for the number of lessons conducted.

2. This promotion expires 30 days after its being sent out.

3. All rights reserved, Premium House Tutor

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