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English Tuition in Singapore

In Singapore, most school lessons are fully taught in English. Hence, having a strong foundation in English is extremely important as it not only affects the grade of one subject, it also affects the understanding of other subjects. Generally, students who do not excel in English find it difficult to perform in other subjects-  such as doing problem sums for Mathematics and open-ended question for Science. 


Furthermore, passing English is a pre-requisite for grade advancement in local Secondary schools. Good scores for the English Language in school is well-looked upon for both Overseas University application as well as visa application. Hence, it is important that students get the best targetted help that they can expect to receive with home tuition.  

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Engaging Lessons

Even though each child is surrounded by English in their daily life, this might still be insufficient in terms of academics. What parents do not realise is that words that are used to communicate on a daily basis are rather simple and are unlikely to challenge the child.

Also, our bilingual capabilities mean that we tend to translate sentences directly from other languages/dialects. This results in poor sentence structure and grammar which the child pick-up as they learn from the people around them.

An English tutor would be able to inculcate your child with not only proper grammar rules but also build their interest in the subject and push their boundaries. 

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Tailored Learning

Besides learning how to spell words and for