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Are you looking for a good English tutor for your child?


Well, look no further! Premium Tutors, as our name suggests, is a pool of highly skilled and qualified tutors that can help your child achieve excellent grades and highly commendable results. We are a perfect match for your children as we are able to meet the needs of your child well. Our tutors are professional at tutoring students in the English language, and we can help your child excel in this subject.

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Why hire an English tutor?

Some of you may be wondering, why should I hire an English tutor for my child?

Well, English is one of the most important subjects that all children are required to learn in this current day and age. It is a vital part of our modern society as it is a very commonly used language, especially in Singapore.


By mastering the command of the compulsory English subject while he or she is still in school, your child will be able to communicate better with others and express themselves more effectively when they grow older, as compared to their fellow peers.


Nowadays, many, if not all, job scopes require the usage of English, so the mastery of English will be highly beneficial for your children. Studying English will also be made much easier for them in tertiary institutions if you enroll them into our classes, as they have already set a good foundation beforehand. They will then feel less pressured while learning new rules and applications of the language.


This is where our professional tutors come in. By engaging our services, your child will be well prepared for the English subject and will do well in school tests as well as major examinations, such as the Primary School Leaving Examinations or the O and A level examinations.

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Why is English tuition important?

Every parent wants their child to do well and soar in terms of academics and studies.


Even though major examinations do not determine your child's future, doing well in school at an earlier stage of life will help secure your child's ability to process information well, leading to more advantages when moving on from school to the working world.


Singapore’s school syllabuses are indeed difficult, especially for the English language, as there are many language rules and restrictions that have to be followed strictly. School teachers are unable to provide enough individual guidance and counselling for your child due to big class sizes and short lesson periods, which puts your child at a learning disadvantage.


Hence, a private tutor will be able to tailor their lessons and teaching styles based on the needs of the student, to meet his or her learning requirements. This ensures that the student can learn at a pace that is comfortable enough for them, but at the same time effective for studying and improving his proficiency at the English language. 

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Premium tutors at affordable rates

So, have you decided to sign your child up for our tuition services? If so, do register with Premium Tutors today! Tuition rates are affordable so they will not make a hole in your pocket!


If you want your child to excel in their academics and examinations, give us a try and you will not be disappointed!

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