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Searching For The Best - 5 Qualities Of An Effective Tutor

Updated: Mar 3, 2022

It is no secret that Singapore is deemed one of the most competitive countries in the world – ranking fifth in the Institute for Management Development (IMD)’s World Competitiveness Ranking in 2021. Tuition has become a part of most students' schedules, with parents hoping that these additional lessons can help their child excel academically.

When searching for a suitable private tutor for their child, most parents may find it overwhelming, especially with the myriads of potential options in the market. How would you know if a tutor would be effective in guiding your child? Should you prioritise teaching experience? Academic prowess? Patience? To help you make an informed decision, we have compiled a list of 5 qualities any effective private tutor should possess.

Academic prowess and technical knowledge

One of the key qualities of an effective tutor is their academic prowess and technical knowledge. Basic knowledge of a subject is insufficient -- tutors should be equipped with a deep, comprehensive understanding of the subject they are teaching.

Therefore, before you select a tutor, take some time to look into their credentials. What is their educational background? If you are looking to engage an English tutor and a potential candidate scored only a C grade for their national examinations, they are probably not the right private tutor for your child.

Expertise and experience

Simply being knowledgeable is not nearly enough to be classified as an effective tutor. Experience matters when it comes to teaching -- an effective tutor should possess the skills and expertise to break down complex concepts to impart their knowledge to their students. This could include extensive lesson plans and appropriate pacing to ensure the student is able to grasp the information.

Check on how long the tutors have been teaching – the more experience they have, the more likely they are capable of conducting effective lessons for your child.


There is no universal formula or cheat code to teaching. Tutors have to adapt themselves and their teaching styles to every student they work with.

One of the best parts about engaging a private tutor as opposed to a group tuition class is the personalisation of lessons. Lesson plans are flexible and can be tweaked to the student’s preferences or learning styles. Thus, it is imperative that the tutor you choose to engage is able to adapt their pedagogy and communication style when needed.


Every child is different, each having individual areas of strength and weakness. Some students might be able to grasp a concept with ease, while others might find it challenging.

In school settings, where there are many students per class, students are all taught at the same pace. On the flip side, in a private tutoring session, an effective tutor should be patient -- going at a comfortable pace for the student. It is of paramount importance that a tutor does not get visibly impatient or frustrated with a struggling student, as this will only discourage the student further.

Passion and dedication

Tutors who are passionate about teaching have the power to inspire their students. Through engaging lessons, effective tutors can instil students' interests in a subject and a love for learning overall. This helps to motivate the student to want to excel.

An effective tutor is willing to go the extra mile for their students and is invested in their success academically, emotionally, and mentally. Lessons go beyond the mere sharing of subject-specific knowledge – dedicated tutors also help their students develop holistically by sharing tips on ways to manage time effectively, how to cope with stress and more.


An effective tutor can make all the difference in a student’s academic development and success. If you are struggling to find the perfect tutor for your child, these 5 qualities could serve as a helpful guide.

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