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5 Important Habits Of Successful & High Performing Students

Given the number of examinations, tests and graded assignments thrown at students nowadays, it can be hard to stay afloat, let alone get good grades. Planning and having good revision sessions on top of juggling lessons and co-curricular activities can get overwhelming at times.

Fret not! Excellence in school is not so much about talent or intelligence. With the right mindset and good discipline, you can do just as well, if not better. Here are some of the most important habits practised by the cream of the crop in academia, that keep them that way.

Stop procrastinating

After a gruelling day at school, many of us can relate to the feeling of just wanting to kick back and relax for a while before starting revision and homework. While doing so is perfectly fine, what isn’t is putting it off until the last minute.

Take a short break if you must, but procrastinating on your tasks can and will come back to bite you. Having to burn midnight oil, rushing assignments and cramming for tests can add up and fatigue you, leading to decreased performance and quality of output. Get it done earlier for a more complete and restful night!

Plan and schedule your revision

Ever tried to revise for an upcoming exam, only to feel burnt out and exhausted midway through? You might be doing it in a way that does not suit you. Planning your revision sessions to cater to your learning needs can solve this issue.

For example, starting your revision with difficult topics and working your way down to topics you grasp better can help. As you are much more likely to be fresher and more focused at the start of your revision session, you in turn have the mental energy to absorb and understand the difficult materials better.

Get rid of distractions

Distractions can greatly bring down the quality of your submitted work and revision sessions! Start with keeping your phone on silent mode and out of reach. Even with such a simple step, you are well on the way to having more efficient and productive study sessions.

Some students even go as far as leaving the house if the environment is unconducive, heading to places like libraries, community clubs or even campuses to get their work done. Work with different environments and see what suits you.

Have shorter but more regular study sessions

Considering school days and co-curricular activities can often have you home late in the evening, long study sessions may no longer be a viable option, especially if you have to give up sleep. By breaking up study sessions into small and regular occasions, you could find yourself much less stressed and tired.

Doing so also helps build consistency and perseverance, having drilled yourself into coming back to study again and again.

Engage a private tutor

A private tutor carries experience, skill, and subject knowledge, giving them the ability to highlight weaknesses accurately and provide solutions for improvement. The merits of signing up for classes such as English home tuition in Singapore go past more than just having somebody patch up what you’ve yet to grasp in school.

A tutor can also review tests and exams, pinpointing common mistakes made and rectifying them with you for a better chance at a higher score the next time around.


We all know the popular saying; “Hard work beats talent, when talent doesn't work hard.” Given the number of subjects you have to juggle, It can be hard to stay consistent and motivated when it comes to studying.

Considering engaging a guiding hand for your weaker subjects? Premium Tutors offers many competent and proven tutors to help you on your academic journey. With a wide range of subjects from online music lessons to home tuition for Economics in Singapore, getting help in maintaining your streak of “A”s or pulling up your grades is but a short site visit away.

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