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Should You Take Higher Chinese For Your O Level Exams?

Students are required to complete the O or N Level examinations as part of their secondary school education in order to advance to higher levels of tertiary education. And while studying for major national examinations is daunting in itself, Chinese is one of the most challenging subjects that most students struggle with.

In particular, O Level Higher Chinese is notorious for being one of the most difficult subjects to grasp and master as it is known to have nearly the same content tested as the A Level H1 Chinese syllabus.

Despite this, many students feel compelled or are encouraged to take up the subject because of the benefits it may offer.

So, the question lies – should you take up Higher Chinese?

Don’t worry, we understand your concerns and hope that we can make your decision a little easier with this article.

The undeniable rewards of Higher Chines

Taking up the O Level Higher Chinese subject undoubtedly comes with struggles that many may find pressurising. However, it is undeniable that if you were to take up the subject and score well, you would be able to reap the benefits for a long time.

Here are some of the merits that come with taking up O Level Higher Chinese:

Bonus points

When it comes to something as competitive as your O Levels, every point counts. So why wouldn’t you want some extra bonus points that could set you apart from your peers?

Because O Level Higher Chinese is a challenging subject to master, the Ministry Of Education (MOE) recognises and awards students who have persevered and achieved success on their O Level Higher Chinese examination with two bonus additional points.

As long as you receive a pass in your Higher Chinese, you will be able to deduct two points from your overall raw score. And with admissions to exemplary JCs and Polytechnic courses ranging in the single digits, this deduction of two bonus points can significantly impact your prospects of getting into your desired institution for tertiary education.

Exemption from H1 Chinese in JC

What’s more, achieving a pass grade in your O Level Higher Chinese examinations will allow you to be exempted from taking H1 Chinese if you decide to go to JC.

It is common knowledge that preparing for the A Level exams is much more stressful as compared to the O Levels – after all, you only have two years to master several advanced subjects.

Exemption from a subject will free up your time massively and grant you the advantage of allocating more time to your other subjects, as compared to your peers.

Mastery of the language

If you are eligible to take up Higher Chinese, it means that you already have a solid foundation in the Chinese language.

Why not challenge yourself and learn at a higher level?

In the O Level Higher Chinese syllabus, not only are there more topics to focus on, but more advanced language skills are also required. To score well in Higher Chinese, students need to be equipped with a deep understanding of Chinese literature and a higher standard in writing and speaking the language. This allows you to develop higher-order thinking and raises your already high aptitude in the language.

Mastery of the Chinese language can help you even in your career in the future and is definitely a valuable lifelong skill.


So, should you take Higher Chinese for your O Level exams? The answer is yes!

Given the numerous benefits that come with taking up the language, there is no reason why you shouldn’t. If you are worried about the pressure and stress (and understandably so), remember that you can do anything that you set your mind to. Your hard work will pay off!

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