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3 Myths That Prevent Parents From Letting Their Kids Code

3 Myths That Prevent Parents From Letting Their Kids Code

If you want to set your child up for academic success, you should encourage them to learn how to code. Coding is basically the method used by humans to communicate with a computer. It makes use of a language that the computer understands for the purpose of giving it instructions so that it can perform specific functions. Coding enables humans to create many things, such as websites, software, apps, and games.

There are many reasons why children should learn to code. For one, coding not only helps kids enhance their math and writing skills but also provides them with valuable life skills. However, despite its prominence, there are still some parents who hesitate to encourage their kids to code. This is mainly due to misinformation. Read on to find out the most common misconceptions that are preventing parents from letting their children code.

Myth #1: Children are too young to understand coding

Some parents are reluctant to sign up their children for coding classes because they think their kids are too young to understand coding. However, this is not true. Parents should understand that coding is just like any foreign language. Many parents enrol their children in Chinese or English home tuition early on because they know that kids learn languages better when they are young. The same is true for coding!

The sooner a child learns to code, the better. The age between 4 to 10 is the best age for children to memorise new vocabulary, understand new concepts, and associate things and notions. Ultimately, there is no harm for the children if they are taught how to code during childhood. Instead, it will be beneficial to them, as it elevates their reasoning aptitude and creative and critical skills.

Myth #2: Coding is only for gifted children with high IQ

This is one of the most common misconceptions about kids, not only in terms of coding but in other aspects of life. Because coders and programmers are often depicted as shy, introverted geniuses, parents believe that coding is only meant for people with high IQs. However, any child can actually learn how to code with proper guidance, learning, and practice.

Parents and teachers can guide children to learn coding with a gradual learning process. They can begin with user-friendly games first and then move on to more particular programs as they improve their skills. When teaching a child how to code, it is important to keep in mind that each kid has a unique learning pace. Hence, parents and teachers should monitor and track the performance of each child.

Myth #3: Coding lessons are boring and expensive

Many people perceive coding as monotonous work with no fun element in it. However, this is actually not the case all the time. The fun of learning coding entirely depends on the teacher on how they deal with boredom. A teacher can make lessons more enjoyable and interactive by enhancing the degree of freedom kids have in solving problems. In turn, this will likely improve the kids’ interest in coding.

Furthermore, some people also perceive coding as an expensive hobby. However, there are definitely some cost-cutting tricks that can make the pursuit of learning coding budget friendly. For example, there are free online courses out there that can help kids learn the basics of coding. Additionally, you can also sign up your child for coding lessons from a reliable tuition agency, which usually offers affordable classes.


It goes without saying that knowledge of computers has become an essential aspect of learning these days. Technology is now everywhere, so knowing how to code helps children survive and achieve success in school and in their future careers or endeavours. As such, you should definitely encourage your kid to learn how to code. Contrary to common misconceptions, no child is ever too young or ungifted to learn to code.

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