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4 Reasons Why Learning English Is An Issue For Some Students

English is considered one of the most widely spoken languages in the world, with over 370 million native speakers worldwide. Whether in business, at school, or during casual conversations, English is often used as the main language for easy communication. This is the primary reason why having a strong foundation in the English language is crucial.

However, despite its ubiquity and relative ease, a lot of students still seem to struggle with the English language. Most of them particularly find it hard to master their English grammar and pronunciation and expand their vocabulary. For this reason, many parents decide to enrol their children in English home tuition. Tuition classes are extremely helpful for students who are falling behind in their school lessons for a variety of reasons.

If you think your child is having a hard time learning the English language, and you aren’t really sure why, this article is right for you! Here are some of the most common reasons why learning English seems to be a huge problem for some students.

1. There are several variations of the language

When considering the sheer number of both native and non-native speakers, English is arguably the most widely used language in the world. Over the years, this has caused numerous variations of the language to arise and evolve differently in various parts of the globe. Slang, dialects, accents, local phrases, and other variations all play a significant role in this.

While variations are inevitable considering the enormous popularity of English, they can be a serious issue for many students who encounter distinctive variants of the language, such as British English and American English, from time to time. Though British English is typically used in Singapore, it can still sometimes be confusing for students when it comes to spelling and pronunciations.

2. Too many students in one class

In an ideal learning environment, a teacher should dedicate and pay close attention to the learning needs of each student. However, in reality, this doesn’t really happen all the time. In a classroom setting, where the ratio is often 1:30 (one teacher for every 30 students), learning can indeed be difficult.

When it comes to English, particularly, it can be quite challenging for teachers to evaluate the way the students pronounce and spell their words or arrange their sentences in a big class. Although this is a problem that’s beyond the student’s control, it plays a huge role in their academic struggle. If you want to improve your child’s focus and learning ability, you should consider signing them up for English home tuition in Singapore.

3. The students prefer to use slang and local dialects

As mentioned earlier, the different variations of the English language paved the way for slang and local dialects to spread. Sometimes, students are unwilling and not ready to practise the lessons they’ve learned in their English subjects because they prefer communicating with their peers using slang language or local dialects. This is especially prevalent in Singapore, where most children pick up Singlish from an early age. Undoubtedly, if your child doesn’t spare enough time to practise what they’ve learned in English lessons, they’ll have a hard time mastering the language and doing well for their examinations.

4. The students refuse to ask for help

Different people have different learning abilities. What might seem simple to one student might be challenging to another. This is one of the reasons why all students are encouraged to ask for help, may it be from their teachers, classmates, or parents. If you think your child performs poorly in their English subject, talk to them and encourage them to seek assistance. A lot of students have a hard time learning English because they’re reluctant or ashamed to ask for help.


There’s no doubt that many students encounter a lot of difficulties while learning English. There are many possible reasons behind their struggles. Some are easy to address, while others require the professional assistance of a home tutor. If you want to improve your child’s academic performance and mastery of the English language, understanding the reason why they’re struggling and seeking the help of an English tutor for them are highly advised!

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