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5 Reasons Why You Should Enrol Your Child In Piano Lessons

Contrary to popular belief, learning experiences go beyond what is taught in the traditional classroom setting. While it is undeniable that academics are important, the holistic development of a child holds equal, if not more, significance. Holistic development refers to developing a child’s physical, emotional, cognitive, and social abilities so that they are well-equipped with the necessary skills to navigate challenges in the future.

Among the various hobby classes for your child to showcase their talents and nurture their holistic development, piano lessons are one of the most popular enrichment activities, and for good reason! In this article, we discuss 5 top reasons why you should enrol your child in home piano lessons.

1. Improves memory and academic grades

Studies over the years have found that learning to play the piano can indeed improve one’s mental abilities, particularly in terms of memory. This is because playing the piano stimulates the brain and helps prevent the decline of memory and brain processing.

With the ability to retain information better, children are more likely to perform well in school. In fact, a University of Toronto study found that young students’ IQ levels rose by nearly three points after weekly piano lessons. A study conducted by the University of California has also found that students who attended piano lessons scored 34 per cent higher on academic tests, demonstrating that piano lessons can enhance one’s brain functions.

2. Sharpens one’s ability to concentrate

In an increasingly digital age, where most people are fixated on mobile devices and screens, it comes as no surprise that children’s attention spans are decreasing. This is where learning to play the piano can help!

When playing the piano, though it may seem like a simple action, the individual is actually multi-tasking. Having to focus on several aspects such as the rhythm, tempo, pitch, melody, finger positions, body posture and more, requires a high level of concentration that activates almost all areas of the brain simultaneously.

3. Strengthens physical health

Apart from improving an individual’s cognitive function, playing the piano can also be beneficial for one’s physical health. Besides improving dexterity, hand-eye coordination and fine motor skills, music has also proven to have the ability to increase an individual’s immune response. Research has discovered that music has the ability to reduce cardiac and respiratory complications, lower blood pressure and more.

4. Instils discipline

Learning to play new songs on the piano takes time and effort. Thus, piano lessons teach children to stay motivated, be patient and keep practising.

As with learning any new skill or talent, learning to play the piano requires commitment and regular practice. Children would have to sit down for extended periods to play tunes repeatedly until they had mastered the proper techniques. It is inevitable that children might be faced with challenges along the way, which makes skipping piano lessons for other “fun” activities much more enticing. However, it takes discipline to push through these challenges and continue practising regularly.

5. Social-emotional benefits

According to the International Journal of Music Education, playing the piano alleviates stress and anxiety more than other creative activities. Studies have also revealed that people who play the piano have higher levels of emotional intelligence. This is because playing the piano enhances one’s listening skills, which are vital in interpreting the emotions of others. Besides these, learning to play the piano can also increase one’s self-esteem significantly and reduce the risk of developing mental issues such as anxiety or depression.


The benefits of piano lessons are aplenty – from cognitive and physical development to social-emotional development. It is no wonder that the piano is considered to be the most popular instrument worldwide!

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