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6 Hobby Classes To Help Your Kid Unleash Their Hidden Talent

Updated: May 18, 2022

6 Hobby Classes To Help Your Kid Unleash Their Hidden Talent

In today’s technology-driven world, a lot of children tend to be glued to their gadgets all day long. Children are no longer going outdoors to play hopscotch because they are so busy ranking up on Mobile Legends or planting crops on Farmville. With the restrictions caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, children’s dependence on their gadgets has become even worse. Because of this, it may be beneficial to let your child pick up a hobby.

You would need to look for something that will pique your child’s interest and keep them passionate for a long period of time. Enrolling them in a hobby class is a good way to find and support your child’s passion and interests. Read on to discover 6 of the best hobby classes your kid can partake in during their free time.

1. Music

Singing and playing musical instruments are some of the best and most valuable hobbies your child can develop while they are growing up. Children who learn how to sing or play musical instruments experience a variety of benefits that aid in their development. According to studies, music lessons help children build their language skills, increase their IQ, and become stronger academically.

Moreover, since music lessons usually require hours of concentration, dedication, and patience, enrolling your kid in a music class will teach them discipline. It can also make them feel good about themselves, especially once they are already able to sing and play beautiful music on their own. So, if you want to improve your child’s mental and emotion intelligence, consider signing them up for some piano lessons in Singapore.

2. Dance

Like music, there are also a lot of benefits that come with learning to dance. For one, being in a dance class provides your child with the opportunity to exercise their entire body, from their arms and legs up to their heart and mind. By practising routines and movements in a dance class, your child will be able to enhance their endurance, strength, flexibility, and coordination.

Furthermore, since dancing is expressive, signing your child up for a dance class will give them a platform in which they can learn more about themselves -- including their abilities, interests, and uniqueness.

3. Arts and crafts

Arts and crafts are extremely fun and exciting activities for children. No matter if it is painting with watercolours, colouring with oil pastels, folding paper to make fine origami, creating miniature statues from clay, or designing a handmade greetings card, there are many arts and crafts activities that will surely pique your child’s interest and unleash their artistic potential.

Aside from the fun and excitement they bring, arts and crafts lessons are great for your child because they help in building their physical, cognitive, emotional, and social development. An arts and crafts class will enable your child to enhance their self-expression, foster their creativity, and boost their self-confidence.

4. Speech and Drama

Speech and drama is a powerful way for children to develop effective communication skills and self-esteem. It empowers children and allows them to develop a creative imagination, confidence, maturity, and empathy. Essentially, by allowing your child to attend a speech and drama class, you are helping them improve their mental, emotional, and social well-being!

If your child is struggling with their speech and language, or if they have social anxiety, signing them up for a speech and drama class may help immensely. A speech and drama class will enhance your child’s speaking and presentation skills and will help them learn the best ways to socialise and address an audience.

5. Sports

Being physically active is important for children to develop their strength, flexibility, endurance, and resilience. For this reason, encouraging your child to play sports at a young age is recommended. Participation in sports allows kids to be physically active and healthy. More so, it enables them to build their communication skills, feel a sense of community, learn the importance of respect and discipline, and make lasting friendships.

Ideally, playing sports should not just be a pastime for vacation. It is best to involve your child in sports throughout the year by letting them join a team or signing them up for a sports class. If you want to keep your little one’s body, brain, and soul in sync, enrol them in some fun and challenging sports activities, such as swimming, basketball, soccer, table tennis, or martial arts.

6. Gardening

Gardening is an easy activity that your child will surely love and learn a lot from. There are numerous benefits that come with sending your kid to a gardening class. One of such benefits is that it allows your child to develop a profound love for nature. A gardening class will give your child the chance to learn about the environment in a safe and enjoyable atmosphere. They would also be able to discover a lot about science, from animals and plants to weather and nutrition.

In terms of self-improvement, being in a gardening class can also teach your child the importance of patience, improve their concentration, and enhance their memory. If you want your little one to grow into an environmentally conscious and responsible adult, signing them up for a gardening class is an excellent first step.


Encouraging your child to pick up a hobby or enrolling them in a class is a great way to steer their attention away from their gadgets. As your child grows up, it is important for them to find something they can develop as a talent and become passionate about. Who knows? Maybe your child’s hobby now can turn into a successful career in the future.

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