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Parenting Tips: How To Support Your Child's Passion

Updated: Mar 22, 2022

Parenting Tips: How To Support Your Child's Passion

No matter if it is music, sports or art, it is no secret that discovering your passion can enrich your life. Most children will begin to develop interests from a young age, and it is vital for parents to cultivate this passion.

Supporting and nurturing your child to pursue their dreams can help them develop into driven and accomplished individuals. Besides, it also achieves the goal of every parent – seeing your child fulfilled and content! Here are 3 top tips so you can effectively support your child’s passion.

Be open-minded

Every individual is different and unique, so it is not uncommon for children to be passionate about things their parents are not.

Some parents may make the mistake of imposing their own passions onto their children. Perhaps you never got around to writing that novel you always wanted to, and now you discover your child is a brilliant writer. While it may be tempting to push them to become a writer, it is crucial to remember that just because he or she is talented at something, it does not mean that that is their passion.

When you discover your child’s passion, it is imperative that you avoid coming across as judgmental. Children are incredibly sensitive, especially when it comes to their parents’ comments. If you criticise their choices too harshly, they might feel rejected and unmotivated. This could result in low self-esteem and pessimism.

Instead, remain open-minded. As long as their passions are safe and keep them out of harm’s way, you should support their decisions!

Acknowledge their efforts

Picking up a new skill or hobby often takes time. What’s more, being passionate about something does not always necessarily mean that you would be incredibly skilled at it, especially in the beginning.

Even if your child is not particularly successful in their passion, praising their efforts can go a long way! Words of affirmation can boost a child’s self-confidence significantly as it serves as positive reinforcement of the efforts they are putting into learning a new skill.

When encouragement is focused on their efforts as opposed to their success, children are more likely to continue dedicating time and effort into nurturing their own passions. Additionally, they would remain optimistic even when they are faced with setbacks and would be more determined to try harder. They will learn to evaluate themselves without comparing their success to others.

Encourage them to gain experience

Another way for parents to support their children’s passions is to provide them with the opportunities to gain experience and exposure. For instance, if your child has a passion for music and is interested in learning an instrument, you could sign them up for guitar or piano lessons. If they love to create, perhaps signing them up for an arts and craft class would be beneficial. Introducing them to potential mentors can also boost your child’s motivation.

No matter their interest, providing your child with the opportunity to step out of their comfort zone to develop their interests is one of the best ways to nurture their passions.


Regardless of where your child’s passion lies, it is your responsibility as a parent to always remain supportive and loving. Nurturing their interests will allow your child to build on their confidence, motivation and most importantly, give them a sense of fulfilment.

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