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Pick The Best Tutor in 4 Steps!

Updated: Jan 26, 2022

Being a parent, you would understand the pain of searching for a quality home tutor for your child. Taking a step and going through these tips can prove that it is the best approach in deciding what tutor you want to look out for your child.

1. Communication is Key

Have a conversation with your child. Talk to them and discuss what subjects they need extra help on tutoring on. Don’t forget to offer encouragement to them, and it is okay to seek help for an after school home tutor service.

2. Find the Best Approach

In every household, the price of hiring a home tutor and convenience are 2 main factors that drive parents to pick the right tutor for their child. With the current pandemic going on, many tutors give the option of doing online lessons, which are also as equally as effective as physical lessons. Here at Premium House Tutor, there are more than 10,000 tutors available, and you can choose from experienced undergraduates and even MOE trained tutors. We don’t have any agent fees, and you will receive a tutor profile according to your preferences in 12 hours! On top of that, our coordinators are tutors themselves; hence, they can understand your needs/concerns. We also prioritise tutors who have received good reviews.

3. Develop a Flexible Plan

It’s pretty common to see that many students nowadays are involved with CCA activities after school; hence, it is imperative to consider planning a flexible schedule for your child receiving tutoring needs. Having a tutor that is very accommodating to your child’s needs with after school hours and weekends is a plus point.

4. Keeping Tabs of Progress

After engaging with the right tutor for your child’s needs, your efforts should not stop there. Be sure to keep tabs on your child’s learning process. Continue giving words of encouragement to your child, so you are assured that they will receive the most out of the home tuition.

Getting a home tutor isn’t just by picking anyone randomly who can teach; it’s about looking through reviews seeing their qualifications and experience to see if what they can offer matches you & your child’s education needs. Get in touch with Premium House Tutor now!

Edited by Huang Xinyi

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