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What Type of Tutor Fits Your Child?

Finding the right tutor that fits your child's needs and requirements may be a daunting task. From the hourly rates, tutor's availabilities to even if the chemistry and teaching style fits your child's preference. Many thoughts and consideration are needed prior engaging what type of tutor fits your needs. We've narrowed down 3 types of tutor that are mainly present and available.


Undergraduate accounts for a considerable percentage of all home tutors. They are either studying or have just recently graduated with a Diploma and are waiting for permanent employment. They are mainly students ranging from 17 to 23 years old. They are close in terms of age to your child and can connect better with your child. However, they have the least experience in school syllabus requirements and exam format. They may be busy during certain times of the year when they prepare for their exams and meet their assignment due date. They are the most affordable option for home tuition in Singapore.

Graduates/Full-Time Tutors

Full-Time tutors make their living out of home tutoring. They have years of tutoring experience and are familiar with the syllabus. This category of teachers is highly sought for their aptitude in teaching. They are also familiar with the syllabus and examination format. However, they tend to charge slightly higher rates than the previous categories of tutors. Experienced full-time tutors often can identify the weak areas faced by most children.

Ex/Current School Teachers

They are the most experienced teachers and are highly sought after above all. Current school teachers teach in school during the daytime and are likely to have a limited time slot for tuition. Ex school teachers are either retired or have left teaching and may be able to open up more tuition slots. Not only are they familiar with the syllabus and examination format, but their reliability and their ability to guarantee results are the main reasons they are always in high demand. As a result, they are likely to charge the highest rate. They are intimately familiar with the changing trends of education in Singapore. Some good MOE-trained teachers even may be able to spot potential questions that are highly likely to appear in the examination. Both ex-teachers and current tuition teachers have undergone rigorous NIE training and thus possess good teaching and communication skills. Moreover, the rates for MOE tuition teachers may not be in the affordable budget range of parents.

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