Which Tuition Service Will Suit My Child The Best?

Home Tutor vs Tuition Centres Which is the Best Decision for my Child?

Nowadays, hiring a tutor is the norm in Singapore. About two-thirds (67%) of Singaporeans currently have or had previously engaged the services of a home tutor singapore or enrolled their children in group tutoring at tuition centers.

This shows how popular and necessary the practice of hiring a tutor has become. This is caused by the extremely demanding education system in our meritocratic country. Parents like you may often wonder which type of tuition will have the best results for your child; Should you hire a home tutor or send your child to a tuition center?

Here is a breakdown of the benefits of one over the other that will help you decide what to go for when you want your child to excel in their education:

1. A Home Tutor Allows for Undivided Attention

A study conducted by Two University of Chicago doctoral students showed that the average student under one-to-one tutoring had performed about two standard deviations above average. This undoubtedly reaffirms that home tuition has many advantages over sending your child to a tuition centre. The most important reason being that it allows your child access to undivided attention.

This one-to-one attention between the tutor and your child allows for personalised tutoring catered to your child’s needs. This allows a tutor to pay attention to the your child’s weak points and deal with any learning difficulties that he or she might encounter.

Your child is likely to have better concentration and your child will also be able to easily ask any question they might have.

However, at a tuition center, your child might be distracted by other students through small conversations which might distract him or her from proper learning.

2. A Home Tutor Removes the Hassle of Traveling

Home tuition removes the hassle of travelling for both the student and the parent as it takes place at your preferred location. We understand that parents like yourself have packed schedules juggling work and rushing between family activities.

A home tutor helps to reduce the need to be rushing to and from endless tuition and enrichment classes. Less time is also wasted because the student will not be forced to travel to a different location.

This is especially important after a long day at school as it allows your child to have more rest time, thus allowing your child to better focus during tutoring lessons.

3. A Home Tutor Allows for Greater Flexibility

Unlike the fixed timetables at tuition centres, a home tutor is often more flexible with their timing and you can easily integrate the student’s timetable with the tutor’s.

More importantly, students can negotiate with the home tutor should they feel that there’s a need to increase the lesson frequency during the examination period.

Rescheduling tutoring sessions with the home tutor is also easier as opposed to forfeiting lessons at tuition centers. This is important as your child’s school schedule combined with CCAs, remedial and enrichment lessons are often subject to great changes.

4. A Home Tutor Can Commit for Longer Duration

With Premium House Tutor, our experienced and trusted tutors have mostly taught the same students for more than a year. Some of our tutors have even taught the same students for more than 4-5 years!

Hence, you might be wondering, why is having a tutor who can commit for very long time so important? Well, with longer commitment, our tutors are able to connect and establish a better relationship with your child. This creates a special bond between our tutors and your child, which helps to make lessons more enjoyable for both parties.

On top of that, long term assignments can help tutors adapt to your child’s needs and weaknesses better, and they are able to point out common mistakes unique to your child. Your child will also be able to adapt to the tutor’s teaching style better and this can maximise their learning and academic progress drastically.

To conclude, while having group tuition at tuition centers is often cheaper than home tuition, there are many more benefits to consider.

Ideally, when you are looking for a good tutor, you should consider the needs of your child and your budget. Considering this analysis, hiring a home tutor will give you better results than tuition centers if you can afford the best for your child.

The process of looking for a tutor is really simple and all you will need is to click here to instantly find your ideal home tutor.

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