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Should Parents Hire Tutors for GCE-O Level Exams?

Updated: Jan 27, 2022

Secondary school students have to appear for their GCE O-Level Examination at the end of their fourth or fifth year based on the stream (Normal/Express). This year is critical as far as their academic careers are concerned. While they have a lot on their plate, students also have to prepare for the hyper-competitive examination overloading subjects and assignments at school. This is why secondary school students can always do better with some help and guidance from subject matter experts. Here are the reasons why parents should hire a tutor for GCE O-levels:

1. Tutors know the syllabus extremely well

Whether it’s mathematics, POA, chemistry, or any language, tutors are well-acquainted with the syllabus. They are aware of the significant changes in the marking system, the latest syllabus updates, and the essential topics and concepts. That is why children who have personal tutors have a competitive edge over their counterparts.

2. Your child gets his/her undivided attention

The syllabus of each subject gets lengthier as children progress to higher learning classes. Due to this, most secondary level teachers pay less attention to individual students and focus on finishing their syllabus on time. At the same time, students also have to participate in several activities, which means that they have less time to focus on conceptual clarity.

But if parents hire a tutor, the student can resolve their doubts with the help of an expert at the comfort of their own home. The students will be relaxed and more confident to speak of their problem areas freely. The one-on-one interaction will be more enriching because of prolonged discussions on different subject-related topics. [Reference: O Level Exams]

3. Your child’s subject knowledge gets tested regularly

The tutor can conduct weekly and fortnightly tests to assess whether the students have retained all the previously covered topics. As a parent, you get regular reports of your child’s progress due to this personalized approach.

Tutors can also tailor test material to know whether any improvement is occurring as far as the student’s weak areas are concerned. Additionally, parents can ask tutors to pay special attention to certain concepts as per the needs and requirements of the student. This is not always possible in a classroom environment because the teacher has to teach many kids simultaneously.

Your child needs all the help they can get during such crucial junctures of their academic career. If you want to hire a tutor for your child, then get in touch with Premium House Tutor now!

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